Saturday, July 19, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 3) A New And Weird Character Appears!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine and well.Just finished watching this episode of Tokyo Ghoul and after this I'm going to watch Fairy Tail and make a review of it after this. Happy holidays to you guys who are having a summer vacation,be careful during the holidays and do anything reckless and of course,enjoy yourself to your hearts content! Now,let's jump in or dive in the review!

In today's episode,we see Jason visiting someone who is,I don't know a ghoul? Or is he just a normal human? Anyway,I think he makes tools for Jason like the one he left at the crime scene like an idiot.Who would left their murder weapon at a crime scene? If you don't it,at least throw it in the river or something... And it seems Hide is fine and well and damn it,I thought that Nishio guy is already dead but it looks like he's still alive and is hospitalized. Are ghouls immortal? I forgot how they die or how to kill them but one of them is by dying in starvation.

In this episode there's nothing much happened but there's two other characters that we don't know much about and they're are the doctor,that Jason visits to are his wife and daughter.We know the daughter is a ghoul when we saw her eating human flesh.I was surprised that they censored some things in this episode.I'm glad that they censored them because it would kinda disturbing but I don't mind if in the manga they show human flesh or something like that because it's not realistic compare to the anime.Do you guys understand what I'm saying?

What I like in this episode,I like when Kaneki fell off from the highway,it's funny when the guy he's with,told him at the last minute and he fell. I also like the scene when he's talking the the daughter,Hamine,right? About some words that she doesn't know in the books she red. It's nice to see some heart warming and funny scenes in an anime like this.And right before the episode ends,we see a weird character which probably related to the story because that's what always happened in animes,whenever a weird character appears he will be either a good guy or bad guy.

I don't like those kind of characters much but I like them a little because they make the anime a little joyful, I should say? Like I said from before in the Akame Ga Kill! review about in an anime they need to have characters with different personality or differences between one another. Well,I guess that is it for this episode review.I can't wait for the next episode because I want to know who is that weird guy.

I'll see you guys later and enjoy the holidays,everyone!^^/