Monday, July 28, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 4) Executioner Executed!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual,I just finished watching this episode and I'm sweating here because I watched the TV without turning the fan on! And finally the fireworks has stopped! I found my sanity by the way so, you guys can stop worrying about me. Wait,you don't? You only came here to read my reviews and don't care if I'm insane or not? That's it! I'm gonna sulk in the corner now! I don't care anymore! My secretary will take it from here,goodbye! Waaah~!! U-umm,hello everyone. It's nice to meet you,I'm Secre, Danial's secretary. Please forgive him for his behavior,he is a very nice person.I'm sure he will apologize to you soon.Now,let's get on to the review,shall we?

I watch animes with boss all the time but this is my first time making a review so please forgive if I made any mistakes. In this episode is like none other than the past episodes,the Night Raid got a job to kill the violent Zank The Executioner. This man has gone crazy after numerous times of executing people with no mercy at all. B-boss,I'll make you some milk later,okay? I got to this review- Boss! He just slammed the door and ran away while crying... He's such a handful sometimes. Anyway,with the job aside.We also learned more about the weapons they are using which is the Imperial Arms.

These weapons were created by the king a long time ago and I must say,these weapons are very 'handy',get it? Imperial Arms,handy? Okay,I'll stop. Miss Akame's weapon seems to be the most fearsome weapon of all 48 of the Imperial Arms. I also like when the boss of Night Raid explained the features and the name of the weapons. The author had quite of imagination to make those weapons have such a lot of abilities.The animation was great as always and I'm looking forward to other members of the Night Raid to use their weapons to it's full potential.

What I like in this episode,this episode is very calm at first when Akame and Tatsumi made breakfast for everyone and of course I like that part.I also love one of Akame's characteristics in which she likes to eat a lot and that is deceiving because we kept thinking she is so strong and all but when we see this side of her,she is just like any normal girl.Cute and innocent,kinda innocent. The battle scenes was wonderful, I like when they swung their swords there is this blue trail.That is a nice touch. And the last part when Zank thanks Akame for killing him and making him stop listening to those 'voices'.

Well,that is it for this episode review.Please let me know if you were entertained and please come again and read more of our content. I hope to see you all again and have a good day. Boss~! Where are you? The review is over! Boss~? I definitely need a raise from this...