Monday, July 28, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 4) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm sorry for the late review,my Internet was so slow yesterday that I can't watch the episode! And now I'm in a hurry because I'm watching Johnny English on my TV right now so,I'm sorry if you see that I'm in a hurry (Which I do). I'm fine,today because today is the first day of Hari Raya,a lot of fireworks tonight which is cool but at the same time annoying.What can you do,right? Well,at least they make the sky pretty and make a lot of noise like maniacs... Anyway,enough of me rambling which is good for your guys because my rambling is poisonous and bad for your guys' health.Let's get on to the review~! (Finally...)

In this episode,Kirito logged in GGO and got hit on by a bunch of guys. It's funny to see his reaction when he got that avatar and I'm glad he didn't picked it so that he can be low profile or something. But kinda makes you wonder why no one noticed his voice! He has a female body and a male voice,I guess this is what you guys called a 'trap'? XD But I'm not complaining,it's funny when he pretends to be a girl. I think why I hate when he use a girl avatar at first was because I'm use to his cool clothes and weapons.

Maybe this avatar is good,for comedy that is.GGO is like any other games,you have to learn about weapons,stats and many more. I think I'm making useless reviews up to this point because I can't focus,sorry.Let me refresh for a bit. I like the concept of the game,I guess you could say.About the bullet trails and how stats are very important and all. The animations in this episode is great especially when Kirito charged and dodged from the game he played to gain money and when he ride that big bike with Sinon. How he dodged the truck and he looks cool on that bike. He is so cool now! Damn~!

And now what I like in this episode, I like the gun shop which is cool looking and it has a lot of choices.I also like the mini game he played to gain some money and the reaction from the crowd as he beat the game. What the- This guys ain't playing around with their fireworks! Calm down,people! Anyway,this episode has no hate for me,I like it.It has no problems and I think other people will said it's slow and all but I like it. I'm sorry about this useless review,I can't think straight with all these fireworks going on and it's pretty loud too! Anyway,I hope you guys have a great day and I hope you guys are well while I'm trying to find my sanity.

I'll see you guys later,okay? Take care... Sanity...~ Where are you...~?