Saturday, July 19, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep16/191) Open the Portal Or Close The Portal?!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and right after I said that,I'm having a stomach ache...A-anyway,how is your day going? My day is good so far,then again I woke up at 4:00 PM XD So, more than half of my day just gone like that because of me sleeping so late. Anyway,this episode is much better than the previous ones especially the fight in the tournament.It has the old Fairy Tail feeling and  you can feel the chill running down your spine.Well,my spine anyway. I'm not sure about you guys' spines.Enough of my rambling and let's just jump in the review,shall we? Please?

In this episode the Princess finally opened the portal and I'm so confused,should they let it open or close it? I think it's dangerous to use that portal since the two guys, Lahar and Doranbolt from the Council,said that the portal's very existence violates 30 laws!I got the feeling something bad is going to happened and we'll see that on the next episode.Well,that is it for now.Just kidding! Sorry... Another thing that surprises me is Rogue is using Sting's magic after he killed him.Sorry,future Rogue.Not the present Rogue because the present Rogue is good and is Sting's best friends, #BestFriends. Right? Okay,I'll be serious! Sheesh...

I wonder where will Natsu go when he sucked in the shadow? Is he going to get some of Rogues magic? And the fight between him and future Rogue is very cool and epic.In the fight we get to see Natsu using his Lightning Fire Dragon moves and Rogue using his White Shadow Dragon moves. He's way stronger than his present self! Well,maybe because of Sting's magic but still,he has improved a lot.I think future Rogue gotten his hands on Zeref's magic because Jellal sense Zeref's magic from him and Natsu said he smells evil.

And the best surprise of all,we get to see the king and it turns out,he was the one who wears the pumpkin costume during the tournament! It's so funny when he keeps saying thank you to the wizards and he accidentally say 'Kabo'. It's very epic to see all the guilds in Fiore working together to fight the dragons. Where did Minerva go though? Is she to embarrassed that her guild lost in the tournament? What I like in this episode.I basically like no,I love everything that happened in this episode.And I really can't wait for the next episode.

Well,that is it for me.I'll see you guys next time.Take car and have a very good day^^/