Monday, July 14, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 2) That Close Range Headshot Though!

Hello again ladies and gentleman.I thank you for joining me this wonderful evening.It is evening,right? Let's forget that trivial matter and continue on my review as after this I'll make a review on Tokyo Ghoul.I just finished watching this anime a few minutes ago while my cat keep blocking the screen...And why do I sound like a nice old gentleman,you may ask? Because it's just for entertainment and I'm sure I'm not acting like a normal gentleman or noble or whatever you may call them,hohohohoho~ If this made you concerned,don't worry.I'm not crazy. Let's get on to the review,shall we? Off we go~oo~!

In this particular episode,we watch Miss Sinon or Shinon,the sniper.Fighting with that gentleman who's named couldn't be more ridiculous,Behemoth. Mr. Behemoth went out on an evening stroll with his other six fellows who carry guns.Miss Sinon and her group have been watching them,I guess. And wanted to take them down because of how cowardly their methods are,Behemoth's group that is. Like I said from the previous episode review of this anime,Sinon is like Riza Hawkeye and I know that all snipers are like that,very calm and showing no emotions whatsoever.Keep Calm And Shoot!

Their strategizing skills are very good,very remarkable indeed.As you played other shooting games,you have to be smart and not just barge in like a wild maniac,maniac,maniac~! Ahem,sorry.I just remembered a song.Continue. The gunfight was marvelous and I like the animations that happened during the fight such as the trails of the bullet before it hits the target and most of all the art is remarkable.I love the part where the sun comes out behind the fog,so relaxing that I could drink tea in peace.

Nevertheless, Sword Art Online II is going to be marvelous this season and in the opening,I noticed Sir Kirito is using a girl avatar. What happened,Sir Kirito? But I can't deny he looked a bit cute.No Yaoi,I'm just talking what's in my mind.That's all and nothing more and of course, I can't to see the nest episode.What will Lady Asuna react when Sir Kirito talk about GGO? Well,I guess that is with our adventure for now. I'll see you ladies later and of course,you gentlemen also but I prefer to be with the ladies. Have a good day.Ta ta~!