Monday, July 7, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 1) Gun Gale Online!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I hope you are doing fine because I am fine as well and my day is good like always but outside of my house I can hear some kids riding on their bikes like there's no tomorrow and it's getting a bit annoying.But as long as I have my headphones and music still exists,I'm in my own world.So,I know you guys already watched the new season of Sword Art Online.I was about to make a review of it yesterday but because of my Internet which is unforgiving and jerk,had to be so slow and causing problems that I can't even watch Sword Art Online!

But today, I finally get to watch it and make a review of it.You guys don't need to read this review but if you guys still want to read it,then I won't stop you but thanks you. Now,let's get to the review! The new season of Sword Art Online is about a new virtual reality MMO games called 'Gun Gale Online' or 'GGO' for short. I guess in this game you only use firearms and a few more abilities. At the start of the episode,we see this player named,Zexceed which is close to 'Exceed' from Fairy Tail, got shot by a mysterious and scary looking player.

And Zexceed died not just in the game but in reality too. Sometimes it made me think that games like are kinda dangerous even though the creators said it is pretty safe.But anything could happened,the worst case scenario your brain will get fried like BBQ and it's both Game Over and Life Over!And when it has already been a day you died,your mom would be like "Timmy? Timmy? He must be playing his new game. *Sigh* Kids this days..." and when your corpse starts to get smelly. "Timmy! Why is your room smell so bad?! I told you don't eat burritos late at night!".

Virtual reality is cool and I know in the future we will have those kind of devices but I would rather stay with consoles and mouse and keyboards,thanks.That is just my opinion though,it could be very safe and fun but I don't know.And right before the episode ended we introduced to another character named,Shinon which is to me the new 'Hawkeye'. Sometimes I wondered when someone especially from the military,whenever they finished talking through a walkie talkie or something they will say 'Roger'. Imagine someone name Roger close by and he'll say, "Why do you keep calling my name?!". Haha,that would be hilarious!

Well,that is it for now,I'll see you guys next time.Have fun and take care.Also,have a great day!^^/ Oh! By the way! I think I'm gonna make a review on Tokyo Ghoul.I heard it's good and scary! Anyways,take care!^^