Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 2) Second Kill! And Officially A Member!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual but so tired.I'm sorry for making this review very late,I'll try to make the review early.By the way, how do you guys like my last review? Was it funny how I talk like a nobleman or a gentleman? I tried very hard to talk or sound like a gentleman.I'm sorry if you find it not entertaining,I just want to entertain you guys while reading my post because reading could be very boring sometimes and I know that not all of you don't like reading.Some like reading and some not so,I want to entertain both.I hope that make sense,now let's jump in the review.

Instead of telling you guys what I like in this episode,let me start with reviewing the whole episode. In this episode,we learn more and more about Night Raid and it's members.From the last episode,I thought Leone was the leader but of course,I was wrong and the leader of the Night Raid looks cool and I'm she has some painful past towards the capital.I'm sure all of them are.

I was surprised when I the character,Bulat was gay and I laughed so hard.No offence to you gays but it was just unexpected of him being gay.I think the author did that on purpose because each member needs to have different personalities and got to have some differences. By the way,Bulat means 'Round' in my language.Just throwing that out there. do you guys think this anime reached to 25 episodes or 15 episodes? And if it does,will you guys hope for another season? To me,another season is not necessary unless the author has another good story.If not,they should stop because this anime is already great and I'm sure it will be greater later in the future episodes!

I like Leone's character because aside of her cheerfulness,she's serious when she needs to.Like when she met the client and she can feel her pain. Akame's character is cool too because aside of her epic sword skills or assassination skills,she's cute and caring. I wonder what happened to her sister though.Darn it,I forgot the name of the female member with the glasses,the one uses the big scissors.She reminded me of Sa-chan from Gintama.Mine is a character that I hate because she's a loli-tsundere type of character? I don't know,I just don't like those kinds of characters but I hate them with passion because they make the anime fun and different,I guess? What do you guys think?

That's it of my review and now what do I like in this episode. The fight was cool,the characters are awesome because of their differences and personalities.The story is so far so good,can't wait for the next episode.The animation and the art is great.That is all I gotta say,hope you like the anime and this review.And I hope you will keep sicking around.I'll see you guys next time,have a great day!^^/