Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.12/187) Iron Shadow Dragonslayer!!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and today was the second day of fasting and I'm proud of myself for endure it and not feel hungry at all. The most best feeling is when break fast because you can finally eat and drink all you want.But enough about me and let's just get to the review. That is such a short and lame intro...^^"

Today's episode we get to hear future Lucy's story about the future of course because why would she come here and not talk about the future? But Arcadios and Jellal suspected that future Lucy is lying about something but they don't know what.Well,maybe Jellal don't know what she's lying about but I think Arcadios know something.Maybe we'll learn that on the next episode.Most of the action was focused in the palace as Natsu and the others trying to get out of the palace. See? This is what you get when you buy a huge castle,you get lost easily like Zoro!

We also see some flashbacks of the future as future Lucy tells them about the future. I can't believe Natsu would lost but I guess even a dragonslayer can't beat more than 10,000 dragons.But like Jellal said what Lucy said doesn't add up at all.Is she an impostor? Don't tell me she's future Minerva or something because if she really is Minerva,Minerva just leveled up from the hate EXP. I know this is for the fan service and all but...why is Mira still wearing that swimsuit?! Are you going swimming after this with the dragons or something?!

And now for the main event! Since I don't have any drum rolls,let's just straight to the point... Iron Shadow Dragon! How cool is that?! Gajeel just went from cool to just badass awesome! His eyes look just like Venom's eyes from Spiderman. Maybe those weren't shadows but symbiotes or whatever you call them. I'm just messing you guys,sorry.Also,we learn a tiny bit of Gajeel's and Rogue's or Raios's past. Turns out Rogue is Gajeel's disciple. At first,I wondering why Gajeel would be his idol since Gajeel was a jerk when he was in Phantom Lord. Everyone was scared of him and they have a reason to do so after what he had done.

But it was nice to see that the two of them get to talk each other peacefully and that Rogue came to understanding. At first, I thought the voice that whispered Rogue was Sting but it turns out to be his shadow.Does his magic dark magic? Or something just slip in and want to take over him? We'll know more on the next episode but I guess you guys already know because you all already watched episode 13...but I will still make a review of it!

That's it for this review, I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys are having an awesome day!^^/