Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.14/189) Happy Ending And New Beginning!

Hey,guys! How are you guy doing today? I'm fine as usual but I feel much better after I watched today's episode of Fairy Tail! Before I begin the review,I know it's kinda late but Happy 4th of July,everyone from America! Hope you guys are having a good time and just be happy with your friends and family like Fairy Tail.Now,let's begin the review!

At the beginning of this episode,we noticed the new epic opening song! That song is so cool,the whole opening is cool.Then we get to see all the battles in the tournament,Grey and Juvia VS. Lyon and Cheria,Jura VS. Laxus and Erza VS. Minerva. When I see Gray and Juvia's fight,they seem mature a bit.They get to work together and know the enemy's weakness.I know they've work together before but watching them fight again makes me think they actually grow and more matured. I also like Mavis's speech for them as they fight.

By the way,Laxus look so cool when he says Natsu's line and fight Jura,one of the Ten Wizard Saints! When they show us Millianna and something in her cloak,I was wondering what would it be.I thought it was her magic,the rope she uses to fight and I also thought it was a cat but why and how did the cat get there? Also,Erza's fight was cool and she determines to win for the guild and for her comrades that was hurt by Minerva and she finally won and Minerva was so scared and lost! Finally,we get the pleasure to see her lose. But don't you guys think these fights were too short? I don't actually care if the fight is long or not but not this short.

I was expecting some more action from these fights but don't get me wrong,I was happy when Fairy Tail win and when Sting and Lector reunited but I was expecting a long epic fight with the bond speech not just the speech and not a lot of action. What do you guys think?I like the fights even though they are short but I thought it should be more that that.Anyway,maybe we're gonna see the princess activates the Eclipse on the next episode.I just remembered about something.Will Arcadios stop her in time? And will Natsu and the others get out from the palace and unite with their friends?

Judging from the opening,they're still going to fight the dragons and it seems all the dragonslayers will gather and fight together! I can't wait when that happened and I'm sure that will be epic! Well,that is it for today's episode.I'll see you guys next time and I hope you guys will have an amazing weekend!^^/