Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Anime Review : Barakamon

Hello and good morning,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual just a little tired because I slept pretty late last night. I think I will take a nap after this. Anyway,I decided to watch this anime after I watch a video on YouTube. I think the video was "Funny Anime Scenes" or something like that. It looked interesting and pretty funny and that is the reason I started watching it. I really love the countryside in animes. It looked so beautiful and peaceful and I imagine that the countryside in Japan or any countryside in the world is the best.

Maybe because in the countryside,you have nothing to worry about and just enjoying life,you know? I also love the traditions that they do in the countryside which is very fun and interesting.In my country,we have a lot of villages and you could say that is our countryside.Or maybe it is...? I've never stayed or lived in any village before but I use to visit my grandmother who lives in a village. Our villages are always near rivers and always surrounded by forest.Well,it depends on the location,I guess.Anyway,before I get the review started let me tell you guys what is this anime about. It's about Handa Seishu, a talented calligrapher who went to an island to settle down after giving the gallery director a punch in the face.

He settles in with the people who live on the island and made some friends, Naru,Tama,Miwa,Hiro,Aki and many more. Watch the anime as we look at this city folk settles in and struggle in the countryside! This anime is pretty funny so if you want to have some laughs and have a great time,watch this anime. It only has 12 episodes. I like both the opening and the ending song. To me the ending song was perfect for every end of the episode because I like the calmness of the song which represents the countryside.

The animations in the ending was my favorite because again, it really fits the anime. The soundtracks are great and the characters are great as well. The voice actors and actresses did a really good job on the roles that they were given. To me,this anime is a 10/10 . I'm not really good at rating things so,you guys better see the anime yourself and rate it if you will. I don't want ot give you any spoilers so,I will bring this review to a close! Also,can you guys comment in this post or any post that I will upload in the future? I want to know what you guys think and I want to know if you guys even read my posts. Anyway,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/