Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 3) The Perfect Copy!!

Hello,everyone~! And good evening! How are you guys doing today? Well,I just woke up so,I feel a little bit tired and yeah,I woke up late again today^^"/ By the way,I think I figured out when the new episodes of this anime comes out and I think it's Saturdays. Which means I have to make three reviews on Saturdays and one review on Thursday which is Tokyo Ghoul √A. On Saturdays I will make reviews of Fairy Tail,Durarara!!x2 Shou and this anime, Kuroko no Basuke Season 3. I will review the new episode of Durarara!! soon because I have to go out in just a few minutes so,I don't have time to do that until I'm back.

Also,I hope you guys noticed some very little changes. Okay,a couple little changes in my blog. On the left side of my blog, I have putted up a pageview counter. I saw one of those from my friend's blog so,I thought why not put one just for fun? And I also changed the music in this blog as well as my other blog.Let me know if you guys liked the songs that I have putted in.The links are from YouTube so,if one of them doesn't work it means that the video has been down from YouTube. Furthermore, when you listen the music in my blog,the videos of those musics will appeared in your YouTube history so,make sure to check them out if you're interested.

So,in this episode we continued once again with the match of Kaijo and Fukuda Sogo. And by the way,guys, I'm back! I was out with my family for a while and I just got back! Back to the review,I liked and excited when I was watching this episode because this is usual for this anime. And that is for expecting a turn around for the losing team that we rooted for and for this case,Kaijo. Even though Kise has never entered the Zone but he has a very monster-like move. To be able to copy the Generation of Miracles. Which is quite invincible and to copy the invincible basketball players, you yourself, will become invincible as well. And for not making Kise too OP, Kise has a time limit for using the Generation of Miracles moves which is quite fair.

And the look of Haizaki's face was priceless,he was totally scared shitless! Excuse me for the language.. I like the situation that makes us think that Haizaki is a little bit better than Kise and his team is losing.But after the next episode,a complete turnaround. Because in situations like this we begin to think if Kaijo is really going to lose. And that is why I was excited in this episode. It's quite thrilling. I also liked the scene where Midorima,Akashi,Aomine and Murasakibara's aura is surrounded around Kise. And Kise was so badass for using Midorima and Murasakibara's moves. Of course, he didn't used Akashi's moves because the author wants to keep it a secret till Kuroko's team fights against Akashi's team.

The funny scene in this episode was after Aomine punched Haizaki XD He looked so badass for a minute and then he was like, "Okay,I knocked him out...Now what?" XD I also liked the flashbacks of Haizaki and Kuroko because I actually thought he was nice somewhere inside of him but I don't know. And that is it for the review! I'm sorry if I was all over the place! >.< I was out for a while and I forgot how to review well and my brain can't process it very well >.< But expect a better review for the Durarara!! review which I will do soon! I'll see you guys next time,take care and have a great day!!^^/