Thursday, January 8, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.37/212) The Sadist, The Delinquent and The Shogun!! (A very bad review^^")

Hey guys! How are you guys doing?! I'm fine as usual and doing some exercises.I'm taking a little break at the moment so,imagine a guy catching his breath while typing and can't think straight because he wants to be fast all of the sudden.You can't? Well,me neither.Anyway,I don't think I will making this review today because I'm so tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow and do some important stuff.I promise I will complete all three of this reviews as soon as I can! Thanks for reading my content,you guys are the bomb! Don't explode though,okay?

Hey again,everyone. I'm sorry for not posting this last year,I've kept this post in the draft since 16th of December last year. I will continue and finish the review now and making reviews of the episodes that I have missed.Thanks for reading this blog and my other blogs,I really appreciate it. Also,I just un-deleted one of my story blogs, Chaos Town. Thought I could right that story and post here just for fun while I save other stories for publishing! Check it our if you guys want and please tell me what you guys think about it.Now,let's begin!

Alright,I'm gonna try to remember the episode right now so,if I miss anything,I'm sorry. I remember the fight between Juvia and Aries which is pretty decent and okay. The funny part or the part that I enjoyed was when Levy answered some more question and beat Capricorn.It was pretty funny and I'm sure all the GaLe fans already know what was Levy's answer and were enjoying that. I like all the pairings in this anime so,it is all good.No need to compete against one another,alright? And the part with Lucy and Virgo was pretty funny. A lot of fan service but at least there is comedy. I still don't get why is she afraid of getting watermelon on her? It would be fun to be covered in watermelon,right?

I know Virgo is being a sadist in this arc and all but her punishment is so weird XD First, getting Lucy covered with watermelon and now,mayonnaise? Hijikata from Gintama would love to have those mayos though.

So,I'm guessing Aries is supposed to be some kind of delinquent in this arc.And I think that makes sense because she was a goody two shoes and polite. And she is very weird when she is a delinquent and it was funny when Juvia said that she has changed and that she doesn't have big boobs anymore XD Since I can't remember much about the episode,I'm gonna go for a bit and watch it again.Be right back!^^/ Okay,I'm back. I forgot about Ophiu- Ophiou- ARRGHh!! THE NURSE LADY! Characters and their weird names... Or is that it's real name? Who in the hell give that name to the Serpent Bearer, start thingy,twinkle twinkle,astronomy,I don't know...^^"

Anyway,I like that Hiroshima (The name of the author of Fairy Tail. I hope I didn't misspell his name...) put in one or some new characters in the middle of the arc.It gives us to wonder and get on the edge on the character. Such as, "Who is she?", "A NURSE!! YESSSS", "Oh,she is the snake spirit from Yukino!" or "I wonder if she is strong? What is her power?". That is a good little touch in the arc. I'm also impress how he,the author, knows about the horoscopes such as their meanings and such. It shows that, if anyone want to be an author or a mangaka they have to research a lot of things and make sure that the material they are putting in is correct.

The fight between the nurse and Natsu and the others was pretty good and funny. Yes,I am reviewing while watching the episode. Working so hard! T^T Actually,not really :P I need to work hard more...^^" And look! More emoticons~! (Or whatever you call it! XD). Anyway,I think I will put this review to an end since it has already turned into an essay or maybe worse than that. I hope I got you guys somewhat entertained in this review! I'll see you guys next time! Take care!

                                                     (Damn~! 8 paragraphs?! O_O)