Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 3) Psycho Monster Girl?! Review Gone Wrong...

Hello and good night,everyone~! How are you guys doing?! Welcome back once again to my blog of anime reviews~! Haha,I'm fine as usual and I already ate dinner so I'm full and happy and I want to add that I'm glad that I'm not hype right now because if I do,I might get a headache because today was a bit tiring..^^" Anyway,enough about me and let's get to the review! So,in this episode, we learn more about the mysterious serial killer, Hollywood which is not a mystery anymore because Shizuo's little brother, Yuhei is a detective! Who would've thought that he is a detective! I mean seriously,how did he find out? Just because he is good at making costumes?

And I guess before you get to go to Ikebukuro in Japan, make sure to write down on your note that some monsters in Ikebukuro have some screw loose in their brains. For example,the scene where Ruri is playing with one of her dumbbells or weights on the tip of her fingertips like that. She is crying and laughing at the same time but imagine if the dumbbell fell on her face? I wonder if they put it in the bloopers or something because that would be funny. Also,I think in this season they changing up a bit and what I meant by that is.At the starting of the episode,they will show what happened before what we see in the previous episode.In this case,we get to see what Shinra was doing before he was trapped in the black shadow ball. I'm so sorry for the long explanation XD

I don't mind about that at all.In fact,I think it's a bit better and it suits Durarara!! I'm also glad that they make other characters from the last season that didn't have much appearance than now such as Yuhei and Izaya's sisters because it makes us learn more about them and what their roles are. I don't know if they will soon be a big fight like in the last season when there was a fight in the Yellow Scarves (Kida's gang). Or any fights that affects the story. So,I can't wait for those fights to happen and watch how the story goes. I'm getting all over the place again!!!

Darn it,I don't know anymore. Overall,I love the episode and when I was watching the episode, I was like, "Damn,the episode went by too fast". I just don't know how to express my thoughts for now so,I will posts some pictures and maybe entertain you guys with them. Not THOSE kind of pictures! Scenes from the episodes kind of pictures!

Now,some funny pictures!

                           Remember this guy? He was one of the mafia that was in                                                                           Shinra's apartment and I noticed he makes this weird expression..

Nut Shot~!! Got Item: A Purse?

Kitty-san never lies!!

And now,the picture for this review. Thank you for reading this weird review...