Friday, January 23, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 1) The Most Despicable Guy! And Hype!!

Hello,everyone and good evening! how are you guys doing today?! I'm fine as usual and I'm so hype right now because I just watched the first episode of the third season of Kuroko No Basuke! Or Basket... Let me explain how I know that the episode is already out. I was on Tumblr. and I was scrolling down and liked some posts until I saw a post about the first episode was already out! But before that, a few days ago I keep seeing a countdown for the new episode to aired or released. I forgot about the countdown and I was so surprised when the first episode is already out!

So at the starting of the episode,they continued off from their last match which was Yosen High. And the episode was a recap at first as they were interviewed by the reporters. I was glad that they didn't make the whole episode as a recap from the last season but if they do made the whole episode as a recap,I wouldn't mind at all because of my excitement for the new season! It feels good to see the team and the others again and it also seemed we're introduced to a despicable guy from the despicable land of despicables! That didn't made no sense what so ever...Anyway,introducing~ Shogo Byezaki- I mean Shogo Haizaki!

And guys,I think something is wrong with him... He tries to pick up a beautiful blonde named Alex and he thought picking up girls is that you have to really picking up girls! Just remind all the young ones out there, that is not how you pick up girls. They don't like it when they got picked up out of nowhere and they will make sure to kick at your only weakness. Also,it is funny that Alex get's a bit of the spotlight when two guys interested in her. That scene with Kise was so funny and Kagami's reaction was hilarious as well! XD

That is another thing that I missed from this anime and that is the comedy. This Haizaki guy is despicable but he looks interesting and I can't wait to see Kise kick his ass! Even though it is illegal to kick or punch a player when you're in the game. And I see that they won't show us Akashi's teammates for now and keep them in the shadows like that shadow guy from Detective Conan. Aaaand~! That is all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed the episode and this review. And I noticed you guys were going crazy with the Tokyo Ghoul review that I just did! Thank you!!

I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!!^^/