Friday, January 9, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.38/213) The Iron Cat Gajeel! And The New King of Celestial Spirits?!

Hello,guys and good evening to those who is in the same timezone as me.And good morning,good night and good afternoon to those who are in any of those times today. How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual,I was about to get a headache but good old cold shower took care of it! It was really cold... >.< Anyway,as I said in the previous review.I'm going to make all the reviews that I have missed.However,I will be putting this post in the draft because I want to continue the usual schedule or sequence of posting these reviews. After Fairy Tail is SAO II and after that is Akame Ga Kill! And it continues on and on in a complete circle or triangle because there is three episode reviews for now.

Wait! Three reviews? Three angles? Triangle?! Three,three and three?! Hold on and let me calculate this! This equals this and this divides to this... I knew it! It all makes sense now! I am...NOT a part of the Illuminati XD Did you guys get the joke? You see this kind of things in the comments such as YouTube^^ Was it funny? No? ...okay... A-anyway,let's continue with the review,shall we? By the way,Secre will be back and she will handle the SAO II review after this so...was it really not funny? I mean,I tried... I-it's okay..It's not that I'm sad or anything... I'm a tough guy! I won't cry! HAHAHAHA! Now,let's get on with the review like MEN! Yes,you're men even though you are women!

First of all,can I just say that it is about time Lucy! You've been running around,covered with watermelon juice and you're wearing your bikini! About freaking time,damn it! Now,that I let that off my chest,I feel better now. But seriously though,it was about time that she decided to fight Virgo back. Girl,you could have gotten killed! Anyway,so all this time... they have been fighting inside Chui- Choui- !!!!!! The Serpent Bearer's belly?! Either she is the universe itself or she is very huge. And she didn't even look like a serpent! She looks like a giant centipede and I don't like centipedes! Snakes is cool but centipedes is a no no!! She's like Orochimaru but punk version with a lot of piercings! I don't why that popped in my mind but Orochimaru would look cooler,no?

But at least we get to see something funny in this episode and that is Neko Gajeel XD I was thinking of naming the title "Gajeel and the Squirrels?!" like Alvin and the Chipmunks. But after watching him turn into other animals,I decided to name the title that you see now. And it was funny when Lily was giving a message to those who shouldn't keep pets out there while Gajeel is getting tortured by Gemini XD And their hair looked like