Saturday, January 17, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 2) The Eyepatch, The Owl and The Aogiri

Hello,everyone~! How are you guys doing today?! I'm fine as always- wait,scratch that. I'm not quite okay because I'm having a headache at the moment. Maybe because I ate too much? Is that even possible?! I don't even... Anyway,what are you guys up to? And how is your day so far? Mine was fine,spent most of the day going out with my family. We didn't do anything special just sending my dad to the clinic, eat lunch (I ate a lot XD) and buy some stuff. And it looks like everyone,especially the Chinese, preparing for Chinese New Year!

I didn't know that they sell bamboos for that! Those bamboos look so awesome and beautiful! There were screw bamboos,straight bamboos and five stacks bamboos in one vase for good luck. And another thing... THE ENDING SONG FOR THIS SEASON OF TOKYO GHOUL IS AWESOME!! I skipped it after I finished watching the last episode but damn~! I really like these kind of music. Not too fast paced and the combination of the piano and the bass (Bass or base? o.O),I think, was awesome. Okay,I'm already fanboying about the song but maybe I will continue to fanboy it after the review. Anywho anyhow and anywhere, there weren't much of an action in this episode because everyone is trying to settle down after what happened in the last episode.

Like I always said,I don't mind this kind of episodes because they are necessary to have in anime. Or maybe not necessary but that's besides the point. It all depends on the setting of the story. I mean,of course you would take a break after an all out battle,right? Well,same goes to these characters. Kaneki and Ayato,still doing some action after what happened in the last episode? Well,they are strong and it looks like they didn't do much work. They were just walking around and sitting on rooftops like it was normal. What? It is normal? Since when? This is not a trend thing,right? Sitting under bridges is old school now?

And I'm glad that they put some funny scenes in this episode such as the parrot and Nishiki, Touka and her friend, and Amon with Mado's daughter, Akira, who appeared and introduced by us and their members in this episode. And it looks like Aogiri has a couple more ghouls that has one red eye. Or maybe more than just a couple. And I think because of the one red eyes alone,a few people my think that the ghouls are connected with the Illuminati. Well,let's hope not XD

And that is all for this review,I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day!! ^^/