Friday, January 23, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 3) Kaneki Ate Jason?!

Hello and good morning,everybody~! It's 2:55 AM here and that is why I said good morning. But if I were in the same time zones as you guys, you guys would probably be sleeping and I will be talking by myself...and watch you sleeping~! Sorry,I didn't mean to be so- Hey,don't leave! Okay,I won't be creepy anymore! >.< Anyway, I'm sure you guys realize why I made this review a bit early. A friend of mine told me that the new episodes of Tokyo Ghoul came out on Thursday and I said, "Man,are you cray? It's Saturday!". Well,no I didn't said that but I said the new episodes are out on Saturdays.

Then, I checked to see if the new episode is already and it did. Thanks to my friend, Review Portal. And yes, he also makes reviews so if you guys want to check him out click in the link below. I will put the link under the picture! So,let the review begin! So,in this episode we got introduced to a new character off the bat. His name is Naki, who is Jason's underling but we all know he is Jason's fanboy. I mean,look at him. He is so weird and he acts like a little kid and I like him. He's kinda random and all but I'm looking forward to see his reaction when he knows what happened to Jason.

Now,just right before the last episode from the last season ended. Did we all see that Kaneki ate Jason? I thought he was just beating him to death. Did I missed something? I'm such a forgetful person... T^T I also like that they give and show some action at the start of the episode and also clear out something such as the two one-eyed ghouls are not from Aogiri. They are probably from another organization. Also,imagine super strong ghouls locked up at the facility that was shown in the episode,imagine if they all got out somehow. It would be like a real life J-Stars game! (The game where all or some of Shonen Jump characters in one game)

Seriously,it would be just utter chaos. And I was a little surprised that there are other organizations besides Aogiri and to me Aogiri is already a strong enough organization. And you're telling me there were and are more organizations like them?! On the side note, I'm glad that Kaneki's best friend is still on his side and still cares about him. And I think the author lady was that kid covered in bandages. Don't tell me that she will lead Aogiri and ambush Anteiku... But enough with the ghouls for now, let's talk about Suzuya's scythe though! The Juza's Jason! That quinque looks awesome! And it was kinda funny how he/she just sliced a bunch of quinque metal with no care of the world XD

And I think that is it for this review on this episode! I hope you guys liked the episode and this review! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a good day!! ^^/

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