Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.40/215) Long Live The King

Hello,everyone and good evening! How are you guys doing? And how was your day going? I'm fine as usual and my day was okay as usual too! I didn't do anything out of the ordinary but I was pretty tired because I had to wake up early and send my little brother to school. My mom was pretty tired as well. But besides all that,we're okay! And my little brother seemed to be enjoying himself at school which is good news for us! Anyway,I started watching Blood Lad and I'm already two or three episodes in. Do you guys want me to make a review of the anime or the episodes? And so far,I like that anime. It's funny and unique and reminds me of Gintama! I heard the anime will be back but I don't know if it's true but if it is,this year has just went on another level of awesomeness. And I don't know what the level of awesomeness are but not knowing about it makes it more awesome,don't you think?

And God,that is a long intro! O_O My apologies..^^" Anyway,let's get on with the review before I started another one of my random rambling and before I said 'anyway' again. By the way,I'm actually quite happy for myself that I have finally caught up with the episodes! Now,no one can stop me!! Except my laziness... So,we started off the episode or the entire episode was full of Goku and Naruto's combined power: "Spirit Talk Bomb no Jutsu!" Well,at least it didn't took a few episodes before continuing the fight. And don't get me wrong,I liked both of those animes. Just thought it would be funny,that's all XD

And damn~! New opening song already?! Was that the cliffhanger from the last episode? Huh,Princess Hisui? You didn't want to spoil us,huh? As expected from a princess,mmhmm! And not only that! You also figured out who was the culprit of all this goose chase of craziness! You might be the next Lupin or Conan,Princess! "You're a detective, Hisui" *Talks like Hagrid* LOL XD I'm enjoying myself a lot in this post today! Okay back to the review. If I remember correctly,the Celestial King flee after Leo and the others causing havoc at the Celestial World,right? And he didn't change at all. Was that roar from this episode is him? Did he changed into some kind of evil,with dark magic and huge beast?

I was looking forward with some action in this episode but I wasn't disappointed at all. I like the scene when Natsu uses his magic which was infused with dark magic to help Lucy and Yukino. I also,liked when Princess Hisui connected the dots and figured everything out. And Arcadios wasn't bad either,he was quite good for someone who can't use magic.Overall,I liked the episode. It explained to us the situation,didn't confused us and was a good episode to make us sitting at the edge of our sits and making us can't wait for Natsu and the others fight against Ophiucus and the Celestial King! And that is all for this review today!

I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have an awesome day in this awesome year!!^^/