Friday, January 9, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 24 Final Episode) Demon Assassin Vs. Ice Queen

Hello,everyone and good evening,good morning and good after noon! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual but I'm still in disbelief that this anime, Akame Ga Kill! is already over. And the ending really reminds me of Angel Beats. I don't get much of the feels maybe because I haven't watched it for a while but I do feel something is missing.That is something,right? Anyway,enough of the low spirit attitude and let's get on with the review!

At first,I really didn't expect this would be the last episode of this anime. And did you guys notice that this episode has no name like the rest of the episodes? It always started with "Kill the..." and the fight to finishing off the anime was pretty exciting and epic.Still feel a bit down that Tatsumi is dead and that Leone died soon after. How many of you guys thought that that fat minister bastard was going to get away? I thought he will kill Leone instantly after he make her Imperial Arms useless but I'm glad he didn't and Leone gets to beat him to death.

I didn't expect but at the same time I do,that Esdeath would react like that when the episode started. She called him weak and all and still want to fight in wars and even create one! But at least she was with Tatsumi and died with him. I guess that is a good touch. I think we all have been mistaken who is the main character is and it is not Tatsumi. I mean,look at the title and it's quite rare for a main character to die. But it would be a great impact if a main character died.It's sucks but the quality of the story would be top notch,that is my opinion.

I'm guessing either Najenda becomes the emperor of the capital or she guides the new emperor from the side lines. Either way,it's good to see them all happy and having a peaceful life. And at least the little emperor wasn't being a sore loser and do what he had to do. Lastly,I like the narration at the end about Night Raid and they showed all members of Night Raid.It was pretty epic and everyone looked so cool. Just curious,why is there two Bulats? He is standing behind Tatsumi and Najenda,I think. And there is his Imperial Arms at the far right. I wonder what is that about. Anyway,the anime was awesome.One of the top animes from 2014 and I agree with that.

Like I said,it is not suitable for certain people but to those who like this kind of anime,you should probably watch it. It has a lot of action,great stories and some fan service... Overall,I love it and I'm sure you guys loved it as well! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/