Friday, January 23, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Kuroko no Basuke Season 3 (Episode 2) Kaijo VS. Fukuda Sogo!!

Hello again,everyone~! And welcome back to another episode review of Kuroko no Basuke the third season! I thought it was only episode one but nope, episode two is also out and released! Even though my hype energy is already depleted but that doesn't stop me from making a review on this episode! So,you guys are in for a treat. Three reviews in one day?! O_O Did we do the impossible?! I'm just rambling nonsense at this point so don't pay attention to what I just said just now^^"/ I'm still not quite sure yet about the date of the new episode that is going to be released. Let me check my calendar real quick...I just checked it and still not quite sure when. I'll figure it out soon so, don't worry about it! I'll do my best to post the review early like today!

So,in this episode. We get to see more background about that Haizaki guy and his skills. He has the same skill as Kise but slightly different and maybe better than Kise? But I'm sure things will go around and Kise will keep his promise that he made with Kagami that he will not lose and kick Haizaki's ass or butt. And he is way cooler when his hair was white or silver. But it looked like he doesn't change from the past till now. Also,it must be suck to be treated that way from your junior or should I say 'Kouhai'.

I don't know if Haizakis teammates can beat him up or not but I think they won't do that just because Haizaki is good. Even though he is such a jerk. Stealing Kise's first girlfriend and talked to her in front of him.And she didn't even cared! I guess she was all over appearance and not the person himself. And by the way,does Kasamatsu reminded of you guys of Eren? He looks just like him but their personalities are different because Kasamatsu is calm and is a responsible leader. Despite of all the hate towards Haizaki-san, I was happy to see some funny scenes when Hyuga and Riko got angry when watching Haizaki's behavior towards his teammates.

He sure is a handful. I wonder if he loses in the next episode,will he change and stop being a jerk like when Kuroko defeated Aomine? And I was surprised that Haizaki didn't cheat or anything. At least he is better than that jerk from Kirisaki Dai Ichi but at least the guy wasn't being a jerk towards his teammates. Anyway,I can't wait for the outcome of the match in the next episode. Overall,I liked the episode and it doesn't changed at all from the last seasons but I like when at the half of the episode, they showed the teams emblem and the team members. That is so cool and basketball-like!

That is it for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed both the episode and the review! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day!!^^/

P.S: The captain from Fukuda Sogo looks exactly like Tepei! O_O