Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.47/222) Fairy Woman! XD

Oh my God XD Hello again,guys! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to?! I'm fine as usual in fact,I feel a lot better after I laughed so hard while watching this episode! XD I love this episode so much,Erza you rock! XD The author did a really good job on this one such as using another kind of artwork from the comics in America and written the words when Erza fights Wakaba and Macao or should I say,Mr. Purple and The Cigar! XD I don't which villains they were trying to be but if you guys know,please let me know! XD Alright,let's get this review started already since I'm so fired up and I still have the big smile I had when watching this episode! XD

So,in this episode Lucy, Happy and Natsu wanted to learn the transformation magic and they asked Mirajane. And it looked like Macao,Wakaba and Erza heard them and also wanted to transform. I understand Macao and Wakaba's reasons to learn that magic but I didn't get why Erza want to buy change but just her clothes or something. She looked at a wedding dress from a magazine and I thought she was gonna try wearing a wedding dress or something. It cracked me up when Gajeel and Lily dressed as, I'm guess Batman and Robin while Erza dressed as of course, Catwoman. It was so funny to see them in those costume and just ran out of the store like that,lol.

And I actually thought that Natsu,Lucy, Happy,Macao and Wakaba were gonna transform into Kamen Rider or Masked Rider. For those who don't know, Kamen Rider are heroes in Japan. They transform into a Kamen Rider with objects such as belts,rings and even a bat. There a lot of Kamen Riders out there so,if you guys interested,go watch it. The reason I thought they were gonna transform into Kamen Riders were because of the sounds or the background music when Natsu,Lucy and Happy looked at each other before they try to transform.

Natsu,looks great when he changed into Lucy while wearing his old clothes. I'm sure a lot of you guys liked that as well XD And Lucy's head on Happy's body was a little cute but so hilarious! XD And the best scene of all when the others was shocked of how Erza looked and when she said, "What?" XD This is my favorite episode for this year and that is official! XD And that is it for this review! I hope you guys liked the review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a great day!!^^/