Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Death Parade (Episode 9) People, Revenge, Judgement

Hello and good evening,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just a little shocked and I was really gotten into the new episode Death Parade. So much anger and so much wonder. We indeed go through things that are sorrowful and beyond imaginable pain but enduring it and get the best of it will make you a better person. Getting assaulted is to a forgivable thing but you don't have to kill the person who did it. The one who got assaulted is still alive. Shocked but alive and you need to be by him/her to help them recover the pain they have been through. If it were me, I would probably beat the hell out of the assaulter and then let the police or whatever and let them do what they want with him.

But the best way is to endure,handle the pain and get through it. I believe we will get stronger and better and kinder if we go through the pain.Anger will just destroy who you are and unleash someone who is not you. Well,isn't this gotten a little bit deep and serious..?^^"/ Sorry for that,everyone! Just wanted to say something in my head. Now,let's get back to reviewing,shall we?! S , the episode continued off with the two guests who are murderers before they died and are currently being judged by Decim. And I must say,I was surprised and feel bad for Decim when his assistant argued with him. And I think that made him realized something that we will found out in the next episode,

It was sad to see that Shimada guy's sister being assaulted and nobody helped her even though there was someone there which is the other guest who is a detective who has gone cray cray after murdering his wife's killer. At first, I thought there a group of guys who assaulted her but I was glad it wasn't a group of guys because that would be way worse. I think Decim's way of judging the dead is not that wrong because they are either being incarnated or sent to the void and to do that he must let the darkness in them get out and see how they're doing. Will they forgive and forget or kill and regret nothing.

But I don't blame the assistant either because she is human after all and not an arbiter. Having both of them together is a good idea because they can judge the dead fairly and sent them to the void or being reincarnated. Anyway,this was a good episode! I loved it and I noticed this recent episode have been so intense and awesome! Fairy Woman, Doves VS. Anteiku, Izaya's plan is in motion and now this! Keep it going,people! XD And thus, this review is now over! I hope you guys liked the review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a good day!!^^/