Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Death Parade (Episode 1-8) Welcome To QuinDecim!

Hello and good evening,morning and night! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual and I'm a little bored at the moment and I don't know what to do^^" So,I thought I should make a review and post this and the Fairy Tail review that I just posted a few seconds or a few minutes ago. I just got into this anime by the way and that is why I didn't review the anime ever since it just got out I got interested and I love the opening and the anime! I think my favorite characters in this anime is Ginti and Decim. They are both cool and funny especially since they both are kinda rivals.

I think they haven't named the girl who became Decim's assistant,right? So,instead I will call her Secre for now until we know her name. The guests or the people who died walked in the arbiters floor are very interesting backgrounds and I think the one that got me touched was the actress and the guy with glasses who committed suicide. That is why suicide is not a right thing to do because you will regret it and cause other people around you pain and sadness! At first,I thought they are related like the actress was his mom and he was his son or something. But damn, she has a bad and rough past. A single mom with five kids, that is hard. Now, she is dead, I wonder what will happened to her kids..

The first guests, the newly weds were cool as well for introducing us the anime and make us understand the rules of the games, Decim's past time and where will the guests go. I feel bad for both of them because of what they have been through but the other guests, the childhood friends was pretty enjoyable and the same goes with the fan and the idol which was pretty funny as both of them had pathetic deaths,lol XD

I wonder if they are going to do their jobs as arbiter until the anime ends or something is going to happen when that old guy who must be a 'God' and seems to be the one who is in charge of all of them. Maybe they will all fight each other or something. And that is it for this review! I hope you guys liked this review and the anime! I'll see you guy next time so take care and have a great day!!^^/