Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 10) The Aftermath and The Owl Appears!

Hello and good morning,afternoon and evening! How are you guys doing today?! I'm fine as usual but I'm having a little chest pain for some reason. Is chest pain a pain that came from the bones? Or the muscles? Because I think it's my bones that are causing the pain,can you guys tell me how to stop the pain?^^"/ Hopefully by the time I finished and before you guys could give me your answer, the pain is already gone..^^ Anyway,enough with that pain and let's talk about our pain towards this episode. There might be some feels and for those who doesn't feel for what happened,I don't blame you because I feel the same as well maybe because of my chest or the fact that I just woke up,haha XD

Let's get this review started already because I can't wait to watch Death Parade! I think I might make a review about it after this and then I will do the other reviews on the other animes. The battle continues on,both sides are struggling as their men are slowly depleting. The fights between Koma and Irimi and the Investigators which was a tough fight and it was awesome. It was kind of sad to see both of them gotten defeated like that and are they dead? They were rescued by Kaneki but I hope they are not dead. It was a low blow for that Zebra Investigator (If you guys watched Toriko,you know who I'm talking about^^/) to ordered his men to fight Irimi even though there is a civilian behind her.

And I'm glad she didn't died because of that and continued fighting because it would be lame to see a character like her who we learned is strong and in fact an SS-rated ghoul, to be defeated in that kind of way. I hope that old lady remembered Irimi for saving her and changed her view towards the ghouls. The expression they made when Kaneki arrived and saved both of them was relieving because I don't them to be killed by the Investigators. I really wished that Kaneki would reached to Kuzen and helped him but it was just too late. Maybe it was just his time to die,I guess. And know he is either going to flee and go Kuzen's location or fight Amon.

So,I'm guessing Kuzen is not the real Owl but his son is the real Owl and judging from the way he transforms and how creepy looking he is,I guess he is the Original Owl. Is he going to retrieve his dad's body,eat him or just causing chaos? Because if the Doves got their hands on Kuzen's body,they could make a really strong quinque! I also had an idea that Kaneki would eat Kuzen as well because that will make him stronger and of course depressed but I don't know,it's just a theory.

Can't wait to watch the next episode to see what happens next and by the way,did you guys know that Parasite The Maxim,Death Parade and Tokyo Ghoul √A are going to end in the same week?! That is sad but hey,they were great anime and I hope they make more seasons in the future or just continue making the manga. And that is all for today,I hope you guys liked both the episode and the review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/