Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 6) Izaya's Plan In Motion!

Hello and good morning,everyone! It's already two in the morning here and thus I shall greet you guys with the morning greeting...thing...Well,this makes others look at me like I'm an alien or something,hahaha ^^"/ *The X-Files Opening music rolls in* I' not an alien, I swear! T^T Alright,enough with my excellent and talented roleplaying and- What? My roleplaying skills weren't excellent?! How dare you!! *Danial Kurosaki is currently fighting an imaginary enemy. Please, stand by.*

                                                               -24 Hours Later-

Heh! Looks like it's a draw... *I said before I fell down unconscious* Heh,idiot... *The enemy also fell down unconscious* T.K.O!! Hi,Hi!! Secre is back in the building~!! Secro in the house-o~!! Hahaha,how are you guys doing? Good? I'm glad to hear it! You guys couldn't believe what happened to Danial, he roleplayed by himself and talking to himself for a while before he knocked himself out! Pretty dumb,right? So dumb,right?! LOL XD Anyway,due to self injuries, I shall take Danial's place and continue the review for you guys! Let's get this started!

This back and forth thing is kind of confusing me a little. What I meant is when they already showed the blonde girl,Varona, ambushed Celty and after a while they show us whet Verona and her partner were doing before she does that to Celty. I know it's good and it explains well to us to make us understand what is going on in the anime but I don't know, maybe it is just me^^"/ Sorry^^" Anyway, it looks like our good old pal Ryugamine-kun is in a little bit of a pickle. I wonder what will happened when someone is obviously framing the Dollars and doing bad stuff. And I think the culprit is that Aoba guy! Damn you, Aoba!!

I feel sorry for Celty because she is working very hard for her and Shinra sake and the worst part is that she didn't knew the girl is with Shinra the whole time. Fate is a funny thing, I guess. Could Aoba be the real threat here? Is he the danger that Kida warned Ryugamine? And what happened to Anri? I hope she is okay.. That is why you always have to peep through the eye hole thingy before open the door.I know she already did that but if you don't see anyone outside,don't ever open the door! That is the number one rule in horror!!!

And I guess that is it for this review! :3 I hope you guys liked the review and don't mind me taking over for a little bit^^"/ I hope you guys liked the episode as well and as always, take care and have a great day!!^^/ P.S: I noticed that the opening song of Tokyo Ghoul isn't played in the blog,it's because the video was removed from YouTube. Danial,will handle it tomorrow! Thanks!

                                           Ten Shades of Grey People In The Background XD