Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 7) Two Taros And Two Ivans!

Hello again,everyone~!! :3 As you can see, Danial is still unconscious so it looks like I have to take over for the Durarara!! reviews! I think this might be the last Durarara!! review before the new episode comes out later today but I will do my best and I hope you guys keep on enjoying reading these reviews! Make sure to give them so love,okay?! Now,let's get this review started!

So,it looked like Varona was the one who cut off the chains and invaded Anri's house or apartment or whatever! How dare her!! I honestly don't know why I hate her so much,lol XD She looks like a cool a person and so calm and all. She looked like a guy when she was training with the sushi guys because her body looked like a boy's body,haha...^^" Anyway, Izaya is really a smooth talker. Getting Ryugamine being on his side and make him think that he is a good guy. And Anri looked such a badass with her red eyes and her Saika sword. She looks stronger than she was before,you go girl!

I'm glad that they didn't kidnap her or something.I really forgot that she can control her Saika powers and that she even has her own powers. Now,I wonder what will Ryugamine do to solve the Dollars problem? Is it really that Aoba guy's doing? Or there were really some bad members in the dollars? Either way,I can't wait to see the next episode and found out the answers. And by the way, is the anti matter or whatever was it call rifle exist? It looks real and legit to me but I doubt a rifle like that can cause that big of an impact.

It was funny when Anri reminded Celty about the shadow helmet and when Celty was about to get her helmet back before it got crushed by a truck. Can a helmet break that easily? O.O I always thought if a truck or a car gets over a helmet,it will bounce off or something. And that was in my mind in the whole time, I was like, "Umm, Celty...What about your helmet?!" I keep saying that when she chase after the Varona and Sloan. I hope they don't capture Celty because Varona seems to plan to make a trap for Celty.. And that is all for this review! I hope you guys liked both the episode and the review! I'll see you guys next time so please take care of yourselves and have a great day!!^^/