Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Durarara!!x2 Shou (Episode 8) Everything's Gone Haywire!!

Yo, what's up guys?! What are you guys up to? Well,I feel a little sleep right now so,I might go to bed after this^^" But there something that I gotta say right now and that is... I FREAKING KNEW IT!! I knew it was Aoba's doing! And you guys probably knew that before I do but that's besides the point and let me enjoy this moment! Okay,I'm done enjoying this moment so,let's move on! XD But something is on my mind though. We've seen Ryugamine smiled in some situations that no one should have been smiling but is Ryugamine turning into a bad guy? I know that he search and urged for some action  and don't want to be goody goody two shoes but still..

And I wonder what is Aoba's intention on making Ryugamine to be the leader of Blue Square? Wouldn't it be better if he just lead them instead? Or maybe he is using Ryugamine? Ahhhh! Lots of questions but not a single answer! Everything is going wrong! The Chikage guy is going to fight Kadota, Shizuo being framed from beating three unknown people,those Russian guys and the Blue Squares and Ryugamine! What in the world is going to happen?!

This made me remembered how fearful and how slick he is like a snake! But it looks like things are getting juicy over here and I can't wait to watch the next episode. I know, I might talk about the same things over and over but when I watched Durarara!! It feels so short like almost nothing happens or nothing interesting happen. But some episodes I do talk about because a lot of things happen in the episode.^^"/ Or maybe it's because I'm getting tired and forgot what happened in the episode.. XD

Well, I hope Kida will do something fast to help Ryugamine because it looks like he could use his help. Izaya's influence on both Kida and Ryugamine is very critical and strong. I think there's nothing more to review on because all I can say is I can't wait to watch the next episode! That is all for the review! I'm sorry because I didn't talk much about the review and instead, I kept on talking nonsense^^" I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/ And as a price for making a boring review,I shall give thy Shizuo's picture! >:3