Friday, March 6, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Tokyo Ghoul √A (Episode 9) Kaneki's Choice!

Hello again,guys~!! How are you guys doing? Well, I lied. I didn't eat dinner after making the review like I told you guys before^^" It's because of two reasons. One, my cats are on the table and licking themselves as we speak, which makes it difficult for me to eat since they are here. Second, this episode was so epic! Don't worry,I will eat after I finished making this review! And I think I will review Fairy Tail and then Durarara!! Which is funny because both of those animes new episodes will be out on Saturday, which is tomorrow for me...^^" Okay,I lied again. I just ate and I haven't finished on this review yet^^" We should call this review 'Full Of Lies' XD I know,I'm terrible but I was trying to start a conversation...sorry...

Anyway,a lot happened in this episode and I'm sure a lot will also happen in the next episode. An all out battle between the Doves and Anteiku! How epic is that?! And the manager wasn't bad at all,he looked awesome in his ghoul form.We saw him in that form before when they raid Aogiri and save Kaneki,right? So,that was the manager, who would've thought about that. And Koma and Irimi were so bad ass with their masks and their people. I always thought that Koma would be a lame ghoul but damn, he sure proved me wrong in this episode! Devil Apes and Black Dobers,huh? So cool!! Irimi-san was kinda and a little mean when she ordered her men or women (O.O) to die for her,lol XD

While Koma was so cool and asked his men if they have gotten soft or not and let's not forget that cool greeting that they give to the Doves! I think both of them will they or the manager will die and they will survive. OR they all died and Kaneki will go insane and turned into his berserk mode and fight all the Doves while Touka just stood at the sidelines,terrified to see Kaneki like that. I would be surprised if that would happened and I'm sorry in advance if I spoiled it for you guys^^"/ How can someone spoiled something without reading a manga? Must be a psychic or something. If possible,I don't want anyone to die in this episode but if they all survive,where will they go?

And it was cool that both Nishio and Tsukiyama tried to stop Kaneki on the rooftop but Tsukiyama was a little and I mean just a little overboard there. And how in the world no one heard him screaming his lungs out? "Because they all in a battle, idiot!". Oh,yeah...I forgot^^"/ Anyway, that is all for this episode! I hope you guys liked both the review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time so take care and have a great day!!^^/