Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.48/223) New Member of The Family, Kemokemo!!

Hello again,guys! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to?! I'm fine as usual and I just finished washing the dishes and I'm glad I able to finish washing them this early's a little spooky back there,haha XD By the way, I'm listening to the ending song of Fairy Tail, Don't let me down by Mariya Nishiuchi. I never tried listening it to it before but damn, I regretted it! This song is awesome! I might add this in the playlist in the blog! And yeah, Secre told me about one of the songs wasn't able to play because the video was removed from YouTube. I think I told you guys before but I copy and pasted the urls of the songs and put it in the player and it will play it for you from YouTube.

Break Out isn't so bad so maybe I will add that as well. I think I listened to V6 before and I think there was an opening song from One Piece which was played by them. Correct me if I'm wrong on that,okay? Let's start the review already! XD So,I think this episode is the first episode of a new arc or filler arc. And sorry if I spoiled you guys but I think the huge monster in the opening is Kemokemo. What do you guys think? Kemokemo is adorable by the way XD And he sounds cute too! When the episode started, I thought Kemokemo's egg was a fruit, a pineapple! XD It looks like a pineapple,right?

It was funny when the frog which I think is a messenger from the Council, arrived at the guild and the members in the background surprised and was like, "What the hell is that?! A frog? A dinosaur?" XD Every time whenever that messenger arrives, the characters will be surprised and confused. And it has been awhile since we last saw Makarov! He,Macao and Wakaba doesn't get that much screen time lately XD I like how Natsu was all fired up with epic soundtrack played in the background but changed when he gets motion sickness in the train. And seeing him and the others screwing up and causing a ruckus everywhere they go was so funny and it was so like them. But as they go from guild to guild,none had any connection to the arc except Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel when they found the odd writings and giant fishes washed up from the shore. And now a mysterious island popped out of nowhere.

I think they are all related to Kemokemo and his origins which we will find out more in the next episode! Fairy Tail and Sabertooth working together, this is getting very interesting~! And that is all for this review! I hope you guys liked the review and the episode! I'll see you guys next time so, take care and have a good day!!^^/