Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anime Talk : Sword Art Online II - New Arc Coming Soon?!

Hello again,guys~! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I feel a little better now and I hope you guys like Secre's review on the new episode of Fairy Tail.I'm sorry that I didn't do it instead and I hope you guys aren't mad at me^^"/ Anyway,let's get on with this anime talk,okay? And I think this will be a short one. So,I was going to watch a new episode of SAO but when I get to the anime site,there aren't any new episodes but a preview of the next episode which will be released on next Saturday.And it looks like we're gonna meet a new character and watch another arc of another game. I watched the preview and it was pretty epic and I can't wait.

I saw some people angry about no episode today and to be honest,I would felt the same.But after I watched that preview,it makes up for it and I gladly wait for it. Well,I think that is it and damn,this post is short! XD Anyway,what do you guys expect from the new arc and the new character? Is it gonna be epic or no? Well,I can't wait for it and to see what kind of game will Kirito play next.

Well,I think that is it for this extremely short anime talk.I'll see you guys next time so,have a great day and take care,okay?! ^^/