Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anime Review - Persona 4 The Animation

Hello and good morning,everyone~! How are you guys doing at this fine 3:17 AM morning? I'm fine, thanks and my day just got started and today is a special day as it is my mom's birthday! Anyway,I'm sorry if you guys expected a Fairy Tail review and SAO review. I will probably do them later when I'm free and the reason why was because I want to finish this anime first because I really love the anime and I thought I should make it ASAP. Fun fact, ASAP or asap is smoke in Malay~! Not the term but the meaning~! See? You can learn something in my blog! But it rarely happens though...

Before I get myself depressed and sit in a corner,let's get on with the review,shall we? As some of you guys know this anime is based off the game,Persona 4 Arena. I watched some gameplays of that game and because of that game,I was interested and watched the anime. I'm glad that I chose to watch this anime because it had some good laughs,cool fight scenes,tear jerker scenes and some and a little ecchi scene. The anime is about a group of high school students trying to solve a case of mysterious murders and trying to find the truth about it.

They are, Yu, Chie, Yosuke, Kanji, Yukiko, Teddie, Rise and Naoto. They all have personas to use to fight the shadows in the TV world. I think I'll tell you guys just that and let you guys watch yourself. And don't worry,the anime has 25 episodes so,you should have time to watch it.Go watch it now. NOW! I'm just kidding,please don't hurt me! T^T I would really like to buy the game when I got my PS3 because the anime really reminded me of Digimon for some reason. Maybe because of the different worlds and the Personas?

Anyway,there is not a second season of this anime but they made another anime after this one. It's Persona 4 The Golden Animation. The story is the same but they added another character in the story.It has 12 episodes and I'm watching the first episode right now. So far so good and I understand why some hate it because it's the same and not much difference with the previous one. Well,they said that but I started watching it myself so,I don't know yet but I will make a review about it when I'm done watching it. Overall,I love the anime.The art work was great,the characters were unique and interesting,the comedy was hilarious,the music was great and I love the ending!

So,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day! I'll make the Fairy Tail and SAO reviews later so,keep a lookout! See you guys later!^^/