Friday, October 3, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 13) Red String Of Fate~!

Hello again,everyone~! Secre again and I think I will be making this review by myself and let the boss have some slack.He's watching some videos at the moment and it's pretty late for him as well.I don't know how to make him go to bed early...maybe I should tie him on his bed with a big chain...and maybe I should knock him out first before I do that! Genius! Oh,anyway. How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual and I was wondering. If there is a mysterious place on Earth that you would go,where would it be? I would probably go anywhere that is mysterious because it's interesting and fun! Let me know in the comments,okay?

In this episode,new enemies started to appeared and attacking people and animals.They are some kind of new Danger Beasts that got controlled by someone who has an Imperial Arm. At the beginning of the episode,shows us the Jaegers team members.And I like how in this episode they make the Jaegers look like the good guys for a minute,making us think they are good.Just like when Danial talked in one of his anime talk about the War of The Best from One Piece,the author make us change sides for a bit so that we can look at different perspective or making us like the other characters.

My jaw literally dropped when Bols's wife and daughter came to visit him because he left his launch box! And Danial did the same too when he watched this episode,he couldn't believe that he has a beautiful wife and a very cute daughter.Surprise,surprise XD It's also heartwarming to see that and to see Wave and Kurome smiled at them. I'm glad that we learned a couple of characters' pasts in this episode and that is Bols and Lubback. I really didn't see that coming when he told Tatsumi that he used to be a wealthy child. And isn't Najenda a little older for him? I don't know and I don't mind at all. But the coincidence on meeting Esdeath on the mountain was pretty ridiculous,lol! I love Tatsumi's reactions when Esdeath appeared and tortured the monster.

I guess it really is fate,huh? You should be happy,Tatsumi! I ship them so much that I could ship Titanic! Overall,I love the episode and so does Danial.The funny and some fight scenes were okay but the funny scenes is number one! Haha,I'm looking forward to the next episode.Is Esdeath going to kidnap Tatsumi again? Or fight him? Either way,I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day,everyone~!! :)