Friday, October 3, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 13) Shinkawa-kun Is A Psycho!

Hello again,everybody~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual just finished watch the new episode of SAO and I'm sorry for the late review,I would say that you guys can blame it all on Danial but it's not his fault this time. Unfortunately,he has this new and stupid family moved next to his house a while ago.And recently they have been causing some  disturbance that makes him get really angry and when he's angry he gets really tired and not in the mood in making any reviews. I'm sure he already explained this in his other blog but I let you guys know in case there are some who are wondering why. Anyway,enough about the stupidity of Danial's neighbor and let's get on with the review with a big kick to the kintama!

So,the episode continued off from the fight between Kirito and Death Gun who also known as 'Red-Eyed Zaza'. It's kind of a pretty cool name but I wouldn't use it when I'm playing a game,sorry. Also,I saw a picture of Death Gun's rapid attack and Asuna's rapid attack.They put both of them together and make a theory of Asuna is Death Gun.It was just a funny picture of comedy purposes. Anyway,it was kinda heartwarming and cute when Yui suggested Asuna to hold Kirito's hand when he was in a pinch during the fight. I was pretty surprised when Kirito cut him in half like that and when Death Gun's legs sent flying like that was kinda creepy.Suitable for Halloween though~

And when they want to end the BOB,I though they were gonna shoot themselves at the head but the grenade was way better! It was so funny and Sinon was very cute,smiling like that and hugged Kirito. And about Shinkawa...that stupid pervy pedo bear wannabe! Sinon should have just kicked him in the kintama and make a run for it! Or don't run away and keep kicking his kintama until it breaks! Characters like him,man... Reminded me of that guy,Asuna's ex-fiance or something.Both of their sanity are on the same level. I knew Shinkawa was bad all this time but poor Sinon,I wonder how she is after Kirito beat that idiot up. But I was surprised that he was one of Death Gun's partners or is he Death Gun's brother or something? Either way,they all twisted.

Overall,I like the episode.The comedy,the fight and the sudden attempts by Bakakawa. Dude,if you want a girl to be your girlfriend,don't rush like it's the end of the world.Take a chill pill,seriously! But I'm glad Sinon pushed him away. Anyway,I hope you guys liked the episode and of course this review as well. I hope you were entertained and I hope you guys are having a great day! See you guys next time and take care!! :)