Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 16) The Fairies, The Princess and The Giant!!

Hello again,everyone~! How are you guys doing? And hows your day so far? I'm fine as usual and my day was okay and it was raining almost the whole day! Anyway,I just watched this anime and I will try to make a review of the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! It's 11:00 PM right now so,I might a review about it sooner or later.And if I can't do it tonight,I will do it tomorrow. Now,without further ado,let's get on with the review and eat some peanut butter sandwich later! Don't ask any questions just do it!

So,in this episode. Kirito and his party are doing an odd,not in the system but a special system from that floating thing from the past, mission. In short,it's not a normal mission...sorry... It's amazing how that floating thing,I forgot the name is,I'm sorry, can do a lot of things like make two NPC's act not like other NPC's in Alfheim. I know that it can do more than that but explaining it in this post plus with my bad explanation, this review will go all over the place so let's get on with the battle and stuff.

I kinda understand when everyone thought releasing the girl in the ice cage would be a trap but in that kind of situation it's not always a trap. (I've been looking for her name and lost my patience...) I don't know if the girls are jealous and don't want to rescue her or something. Kirito thought it was a trap because of his experience in playing a lot of VRMMORPG games. Yo! Secre here! Danial had to go because he is in a little bad mood at the moment.He really feel horrible for doing this but let's give him time to clear his mind,okay? Let's continue!

I think,the author decided to make a little change in SAO because in previous season and previous arc,all have life threatening scenarios.So,maybe he decided to try something out and make it in only in game environment. So far,I like the arc and I think there will be more about the NPC that they rescued because we saw her in the opening- It's her,right? I think...I need to pay more attention to the opening! ><

Overall,the episode is okay and I can't wait to see them fight that Giant King, Thyrme? Thryme? What's up with this names?! LOL,anyway that is it for this review.I hope you guys liked it and liked the episode as well! I'll see you guys in the next post so,take care and have a great day!!^^/