Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.27/202) Got trolled By Sting And A Frog's Journey!

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual,I just woke up and it was 5:00 PM XD I slept really late last night,I slept at 8:00 AM actually... I wasn't sleepy at that time and I was bored so I watch some One Piece.Also,I forgot to make this review yesterday (Saturday) which is the date that new episodes uploaded.And when I saw some reviews on SAO,I was confused because I thought yesterday was Wednesday for some reason and I though it was a special episode of SAO or something so,I go the anime site that I always go to and I was shocked and felt really stupid XD So,that is the reason why I make these reviews a little late. Maybe I was confused because I make the review of SAO pretty late before?

Anyway.Let's get on with the review and forget my rambling,shall we? XD I do ramble and talk nonsense a lot but at least that entertained you guys,right? No? Okay... In this episode of Fairy Tail which has no actions at all but I don't really mind because there are a lot of comedy in this episode and I love this episode because it' mainly about Sabertooth and Frosch. And I definitely got trolled by Sting when he orders everyone in his guild to take their clothes off. I was like, "What are you doing,Sting?! I thought you promised to Yukino that you wouldn't treat her like the former master did!". I really felt sorry for her and I thought Yukino was the only one who has to take off of her clothes but I didn't expect the rest of the members to do the same.

But when it turns out to be a pool party,my jaw literally dropped and I was laughing so hard! Dammit Sting! I'm still can't believe that Sting became the Master of the guild but I think he is suitable to be the master and he looks more like Natsu.Not by destroying everything in his way but just having fun with the guild members. And it was funny when Fairy Tail was having a pool party and got a day off. I thought Frosch got kidnapped but I didn't expect that he does not have sense of direction at all! He's like the Zoror in this anime! But more cute and less badass. And I like how they keep tailing Frosch till the end for nothing,LOL XD Also,what the hell is wrong with you,Ichiya?! XD Man,everyone is being crazy in this episode and all because of a cat! I'm glad they make an episode like this to give characters like Frosch some spotlight,you know what I mean?

Overall,of course I love the episode because it was so funny and how we learn a bit more about Frosch and get to see Sabertooth on their regular basis,I guess.Anyway,I think that is it for now.I don't know if this episode and the last episode was a filler and maybe next time we get back to the story and probably more action. I'll see you guys next time and have a great day,everyone~!! ^^/