Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anime Review - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Hey,guys~! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and it has been awhile since I make an anime review because I make a lot of episode reviews and anime talks. I think I will make more anime review soon but it might be awhile because I have a big exam coming up and I have to study hard especially math....math... Anyway,enough about me and let's get this review started because it's all about this anime and not me and my exam.Let's go!

I heard about this anime from a friend who is a blogger too and he made a review about this animes in this past summer which included this anime and he also makes movie reviews so,if you guys are interested here is the link to his blog :J And J Productions .I started watching this anime yesterday and this anime made me laughing so hard. I laughed at all episodes and I really had a good time with this anime and it made me feel towards the characters like, I will feel sorry for them or I think they are cute,something like that.

Let me explain what is this anime about. The anime is about a 16 year-old high school girl named, Sakura. She's cute,energetic and funny character and she falls in love with Nozaki,a manga artist who really cares about his hobby almost more than anything.In the anime you will meet more characters that are very funny and interesting. Throughout the anime,you will watch as Sakura keeps trying to confess to Nozaki and help with his manga and crazy adventure with other characters in their high school lives. The anime has 12 episodes and so far,I saw one episode special so,if you guys are down and want something to cheer you up,watch this anime and it will make your frown upside down.

I love the artwork,the soundtracks and the story. I wish there are more episodes but I guess it's better to end it there because not all anime should continue because their endings are already perfect. Also,some of the soundtracks reminded me of Clannad for some reason.I don't know if the same company that made the music for Clannad made some music in this anime too but if it is,it's awesome! Overall,I love the anime,the characters,the music and the artwork. And I feel sorry for Sakura at the last episode but at least she is happy,right? T^T

Anyway,that is it for this anime review! I hope you guys liked it and liked the anime.If you already watched the anime,what is your favorite scene? My favorite scene was the scene of Sakura and Nozaki at the last episode.That is beautiful and touching. I'll be on my way now so,I'll see you guys later! Take care and have a great day!! ^^/