Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anime Episodes Review : Kuroko No Basuke 2 (Ep.45 - 50) Looking Forward To The Third Season!!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm fine as usual but I don't know if I should continue making this post because I hear a loud thunder outside and if I heard another one again,I have to turn off and unplug all the plugs,any electronic stuff before they got fried by the lightning... It happened once though and all went black and since then,whenever there is thunder we immediately turn off everything!

Anyway,enough with my nonsense.Let's talk about your nonsense- I mean,let's talk about you guys! Come on,say something. Anytime now... (Danial Kurosaki is forever alone... LOL) Fine! Be that way! I'll continue making this post and then watch some anime! Q_Q And Secre will make SAO review soon so keep your eyes peeled! B-baka! T_T

So,after the intense matches and training after the match between Seirin and Touou.They have to face Murasakibara's team,Yosen. The match was far more intense than Touou because there are a few people in the team that are two meters tall and a captain that looks like an least there is someone else who is like me... People said that I look like an adult... But thanks to that,I can watch 18+ movies without them knowing that I'm actually 17!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding~ Actually it happened one time but it was an accident so,yeah...

I like these episodes because of how hard they struggle and not giving up.Especially when Kiyoshi has to be benched and he was overwhelmed by his teammates.I almost cried at that part too because it's great to have friends like them and it really is heartwarming.And I always like the reaction of the opponents that Seirin faced when they didn't expect them to score,Kuroko's Misdirection and Kagami's abilities. And it is amazing how Kagami can get in to the Zone for the second time to defeat Murasakibara and that name is very long... Also,it's amazing to actually see someone who is tall and has long arms and legs.I know there are people like that in real life but I never seen them before and when I saw Murasakibara,it kinda made me jealous because everyone always said that I'm so tall.

But now,my friends are taller than me for some reason! Anyway,I was surprised when I watched the last episode for this season.I really didn't expect that and I think because of the match between Yosen and Seirin,it made me hype and made want to watch the next episode.I also can't wait to see them fight against Shutoku,Rakuzan and Kouji which is Midorima,Akashi and Kise. But there is no other episodes...yet! I red the comments and they said season three will be out next year on March. I don't know if it's true but I surely do hope so! Anyway,I think that is it for this episode.I hope you guys enjoyed my reviews so far and I hope you guys were entertained. Take care, everyone and have a great day!! ^^/