Monday, October 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 16) Akame Vs. Kurome! And Susanoo's Secret Technique!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I'm as usual just a little tired as I just woke up and all. As I said yesterday,I will let Secre handle this review so,I hope you guys enjoy this review and the episode!^^/

Hello,everyone! How are you guys doing? Well,enough dilly dally and let's get with the review,shall we? So,the battle continued between between Night Raid and Kurome's team continued. We also get to see more of Kurome's toys or zombies which is kinda messed up especially that the fact she brought her childhood friend back to life.I know you want to be with them but gotta let it go, no Frozen joke intended.Maybe intended,slightly intended.

I was also surprised when Leone got her left arm cut off by Kurome and I thought that exact moment she's gonna get killed by her.I'm glad she didn't though because I don't wanna see anymore deaths from Night Raid. I also don't want that Bols guy to die too since he has a wife and daughter. I don't really care about Kurome so please,kill her quick,lol XD I was joking so please calm down,Kurome fans^^"/

And the battle between Najenda and the former general from the capital was kinda cool and I was surprised when his body sent flying towards the Mega Danger Beast's flames and got completely incinerated. Susanoo's secret technique is pretty awesome as well and he looked so badass in that form! I wonder if he could take on Esdeath in that form,we'll see~ And I guess Tatsumi will fight Wave in the next episode or maybe not since he was sent flying by Susanoo,that's a super home run! Let the crowd do the Wave for Susanoo~! Get it? Wave and the wave that crowds usually do in a stadium or at a concert? No? Okay... Overall,the episode is decent,it's okay because there are just a lot of action going on and kinda slow paced.I don't know but what do you guys think of the episode?

Anyway,that is it for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed the review and maybe enjoyed the episode. I'll see you guys next time so be sure to take care of yourself! Have a great day,everyone! :)