Monday, October 20, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 15) Long Explanation Of A Big Quest!

Hello again,everyone! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm fine as usual and as you guys figured,I just finished watching the new episode of SAO. And it's almost 3:00 AM here and so far so good.Which means I might make a review of the new episode of Akame Ga Kill! I'm still deciding either I should make a review of it or Secre should do it.I think I will let her do it since I already made like two anime reviews and two anime episode reviews including this one. Well enough of my babbling and let's get on with the review!

So,it seems it wasn't just Fair Tail that just got new opening and ending songs in the new episode but SAO too? And I must say that the opening was pretty epic and the song was okay and the same goes to the ending which is not as epic as the opening. So,Kirito plays ALO with his friends and his days continue as usual.I though they would make him play another game in this arc but maybe they did the right decision on making the next arc in ALO because the game has updated a lot and there are new features,weapons and etc.

But I was kind of disappointed that the episode started of with that Excalibur quest.To me,they wasted a lot of time in this episode by they getting ready for the quest and that long explanation about the monsters and the king of monsters and Caliburn and such. I don't know if my brain was slowly processing during the explanation but it was boring to me. However despite all that,I'm still looking forward to the next episode and hope there will be more action and hope that they move their pace a little faster than this episode.

What do I think about the episode and what I like in this episode,I think I only like the funny scene at the beginning of the episode when Sugu and Kirito talk about Tonkii.I also liked the opening and I will give my opinion on the ending next time as I didn't watch it at all. Anyway,let me know what do you guys think of the episode and I'm sorry if the review wasn't really that entertaining.This is it for the review so,I will see you guys next time! Take care and have a great day!!^^/