Monday, October 6, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 14) Tatsumi VS. Esdeath Soon?

Hello and good morning,everyone~! How are you guys doing today and wow~!! I just typed with only one hand while scratching my cheek with my other hand! Multi-tasking no Jutsu~!! Anyway,it's almost 4:00 AM here and I may go to bed after this because I can't stay up two nights in a row,right? I should stay up three nights in a row! HAHAHAHA!! I'm so hype right now and I don't know why,lol. Anyway,enough about me.It's about the review and we shall get into the review,swim in it and drink it,if possible. But make sure you can swim,okay? Especially you,Jimmy! Learn how to swim,dammit!

Now,let's dive in~!! There aren't a lot of action in this episode but at least we get to watch some Tatsumi x Esdeath moments in this episode and it was funny and a bit 'appealing' if you know what I mean. We also get to see and learn about Esdeath's past and her childhood which has a lot of killing and surviving. Her father is nice but the way they live and their belief is wrong but everyone can believe whatever they want so,I'll lay off on that. If Esdeath was from a female-only clan,it would be the same as Amazon Lily,right?

But we also don't know where she got her sadistic side,maybe from her mother? Maybe not since she got killed by a Danger Beast. And by the way,the amount of fanservice were shot through the roof in this episode.Probably not since there was only cleavage shots and 'jiggly jiggle'... Despite all the fanservice,I like the episode and I kinda like the fanservice but I wasn't paying much attention to them.And it seems there is going to be more and more fanservice as it goes but as long as that didn't disturb the story or anything then it's fine.

We also learned how she got her Imperial Arm. All this time,I though he was like Susanoo but if she was like him she would be like a little mindless but her personality is just like other humans.And turns out she drank blood of a Danger Beast from far up North.Not Kanye's son,the direction. Also (I said a lot of 'also' in this post,LOL XD) when Esdeath show her first appearance in the anime,I thought her Imperial Arm was her sword.Glad they show us what is her Imperial Arm in this episode. Overall,I like the episode,it was great and funny. I'm looking forward to the next episode and will Tatsumi fight Esdeath soon? What will her reaction be? I feel sorry for her since she just know how to love and all...

Anyway,that is it for this review.I hope you guys were entertained and like the episode.I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day~!!^^/