Saturday, November 8, 2014

Huge Anime Episode Review : Prince Of Tennis (Ep.1 - 100) To the Finals!

Hey,guys! It has been awhile and I am fine as always.I missed you guys and I miss doing this again.How are you guys doing by the way? I'm doing good so far with my exams and just a couple more tests,I'm free baby! I'm sorry if you guys were disappointed because I didn't make a review of the animes that I missed and I made this instead. I will try to them later and this week's will be postponed till next week because I'm free at that time. I chose to do this first because I noticed that I'm almost at the hundredth episode of this anime.

I've wanted to watch this for a while and I'm glad I watched it because it has been so long since I seen old animes like this one.To me old animes were always cheezy and all but if you give them a chance you will definitely enjoy yourself.There was a little surprised when I watched the anime but before I get to that,let me explain to you guys what anime is this and what it is about. Prince of Tennis is about Echizen Ryoma, a freshman who got back from America and attend Seigaku Junior High School. He is the son of a professional tennis player of Japan, Echizen Nanjirou. Follow, Ryoma and his team mates from the tennis club going for the Nationals. As what the title said,this anime is all about tennis and it is a sport anime. It has more than a hundred episodes and I just reached the hundredth episode.

So,if you don't like sports anime then this isn't for you and just like Kuroko no Basuke, it has some good soundtracks and opening and ending songs,good comedy and unique characters. I'm guessing the anime was released on the early 2000's so the difference of the art from then and now are a little different and a little cheezy. The one I was surprised was the fact that Ryoma was a freshman which is how many years old,I forgot >< And he is really short! From my memory when I watched the anime on TV,he looked a lot taller! My memory lied to me! T^T Anyway,I'm liking the anime so far that I almost watch it everyday and made me forgot to watch Persona 4:Golden. XD

One of the good things watching these sport animes, is making you learn about the rules of the sport,techniques and how to exercise for that particular sport.I also understand why some people hate sports anime and that is because it looks like the characters has superpowers or something but to me it looks cool and a nice touch to make the anime more epic-looking.So,overall, the anime is great and I'm gonna watch it till the end.If you guys interested,go ahead and watch it and let me know what you guys think.

I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!!^^/