Monday, November 10, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 18) Lubba's Spotlight!

Hey,guys and good evening! How are you guys doing this weekend? I'm fine as usual and I'm just staying indoors...I want to go out but I can't T^T If I want to drive a car,I need to get that darn license! T^T Why?! And it was sunny today too! Oh,how the world could be so cruel T^T Anyway,enough of my nonsense.Let's get on with the review,shall we my friends? Shall we? Please? You need to go to the bathroom? Fine,I'll wait just hurry up! Psyche! Let's go! (This is one of those moments and that moment is a Forever Alone moment...)

The episode was alright,everything is okay and all.There are less action but the episode was a little bit intense and as an exchange for the lack of action in the episode,they gonna give us the usual,cleavage special deluxe.Okay,maybe not a deluxe but hey,I'm not complaining or anything.I'm just reviewing :)

The progression of the story and the characters were good especially after what happened with Chelsea.I think this episode was like a payback to the capital,they killed Chelsea and dissect her and in this episode,Akame and Lubba killed the Four Rakhasa.I hope I spelled that right.If it was 'raksaksa',I can spell it right like what I just did...If you guys wanna know,raksasa means monster in Malay.The more you know~ Speaking of Lubba,the fight scene between him and the two Rakhasa was pretty amazing. He's more cooler than I thought and that is why I like characters like him.Look weak from the outside but strong and badass in the inside.

So,I'm guessing the next episode they gonna kill the bearded dude who misuse his power and a perv.Maybe they will run into the Jaegers again and fight them. I also think that in the next fight,Akame will kill Kurome or Kurome goes to Akame's side and fight alongside her.That would be cool especially her Imperial Arms.I think that is it,there is nothing more to review on but that doesn't mean the episode was bad.I liked the episode and I hope you guys liked it too including this review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a great day!^^/