Monday, November 17, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 20) Oh,Come On!! Lubba!!! T_T

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing on this fine Monday? Sarcasm intended. Haha,seriously.How are you guys doing? I'm not actually fine right now,I feel a little sick and it started yesterday.I just hope I'll get better before my final exam because I won't be able to think straight when I'm in this condition.I have been through that before and it was not fun...Anyway,enough of my usual rambling and let's jump into the review! P.S:This episode was awesome! I'm not really sad but I was shocked to see that happened! O_O

Before I get this review started and the reason I'm doing this is because I don't know how to start it off so,excuse me XD Do you guys think Akame Ga Kill! is going to end soon? Like on episode 25 or something? Because they started to move to an extend to infiltrate the capital and all.And I'm sure on the next episode,the other members of Night Raid will try to rescue Tatsumi and I think Esdeath will rescue him too? We'll see since she still loves him so she probably let him go or do something crazy like run away together or die together.

And the girl from the resistance team.At first I was thought, "She's cute and all so she must good" And then she starts to get involve of Lubba's fight against the Minister's son,Shura who is a total jerk and all he wants to do is play with toys.My advice to you,man: Go to the freakin' toy store! Spoiled kid... I know her intentions wasn't bad and that she didn't know that her parents were already got killed but stop interfering and stay down.

Lubba's fight against Shura was awesome and he was very badass when he pulled Shura into the other dimension and destroy his heart like what he did in the previous episode. It was a shame that he is dead and died like that by falling on the guards' lances like that.They really have f'ed up ways to kill people,huh? It was pretty shocking to see him die,I though he will stay alive till the end and be with Najenda.At least he didn't have any regrets and killed Shura. I'm sure Tatsumi is in shock again especially when he saw him died in front of his eyes and the fact that Lubba is like his best friend.

Overall,the episode was awesome.The actions,the comedy and the story was great.I wonder what is going on with Kurome? Is she gonna die when she fights Akame but not get killed by her? I really can't wait for the next episode because I want to see what is Esdeath and Night Raid's action on Tatsumi.That is it for this review,I'll see you guys next time so,have a great day and take care!^^/