Monday, November 24, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.34/209) Funny and Kawaii Episode!! Also,Scorpio Is a Fan Of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Hey,guys! How are you guys doing today? I still not feeling well and I'm sorry for the late review because I need all the rest I can get before I can make this three reviews.I'll try to make all three of them later if I have the strength to do so. I just hope this cold or whatever just leave from my body so that I have to suffer every day T^T Anyway,enough of my suffering.Let's get on with this review of the new episode of Fairy Tail which was full of comedy and cuteness!

Before they aiming the fight between Aquarius and Wendy,they showed us a little bit of progress of the others except Gray and Gajeel. Let me know if I forgot anyone else. I think Lucy will have a really bad time fighting against Virgo since Lucy's whip uses a lot of magic and she tries to not hurt her.The scene where Lucy fell and fainted,I guess, reminded me of KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) for some reason.

Also,I think Mira will easily defeat Pisces because she has two or three demon take overs and one of them is very strong in the water,right? I don't know,correct me if I'm wrong though.I can't think straight or remember correctly when I'm not feeling well,lol. But Cana on the other hand,she would have a hard time against Scorpio since only he knows the rules and properties of the cards as well as their power.Very one sided. And Scorpio looks like that main character from Yu-Gi-Oh! I forgot his name but he is a very cool and badass character in that anime.And here,we have one of the fanboys who liked the anime and his name is Chibi Scorpio.Bring the 'We Are!' back! >.<

I'm guessing that some people don't like this episode because this episode was a bit childish,I think.But I love this episode because Aquarius is so cute and it was funny when Wendy had a quarrel with her and they ate ice creams and then fight again. I think they were all expect a lot of action in this episode or the fight between Wendy and Aquarius but what do you expect from a battle of two kids? Also,I think they can go through other portals by accident or maybe on purpose.Which is good because they can help each other and fight the Spirits.

I'm guess the green flame that appear when Natsu fought against Loke was from Mirajane's battle against Pisces.I can't wait to see how Cana is going to defeat Scorpio on the next episode.But there isn't any guarantee that she would defeat him on the next episode but I hope so! I believe! LOL XD

Overall,I like this episode so much.The comedy was awesome and the fight was really not bad and I can't wait fro the next episode! This is it for this review! I hope you guys like it! I'll see you guys next time so,have a good day and take care!^^/