Saturday, November 8, 2014

Anime Talk : Naruto, Spider-man X Attack On Titan and More?!!

Hey,guys, what's up? What are you guys up to? I'm watching a gameplay video of the new game from Nintendo, Bayonetta 2. It's pretty cool and I'm not saying that because of what she does in the game... but the fights and the artwork. I never heard about that game before even Bayonetta 1. But that is besides the point right now because this is anime talk and not gaming talk. So,I'm guessing the new chapter of Naruto came out and shows about him having a family and married to Hinata. I heard the creator of Naruto is going to make a mini series of the new Naruto which is of course focused to his kids.And let's not forget the last Naruto movie!

I wish he could continue but I think he deserve some break for 300+ manga chapters and maybe even more than that.He had a long journey and he has every right to chose his path. But man,I think we otakus are being very spoiled right now! A lot of juicy things coming out next year and that is Tokyo Ghoul season 2,Attack On Titan season 2,Durarara! season 2,Spider-man and Attack On Titan crossover and more!! Everything has gone skyrocket! I can't wait to review all of them soon and I can't to watch them all! No Pokemon pun intended! Well,maybe...

Also,I forgot to mention in my Prince of Tennis review, what I know so far is that the anime has one live action movie.It looks good but I didn't watch it till the end maybe next time.Speaking live action movie,are you guys excited for the live action movie of Attack On Titan?! I'm sure you guys are excited but at the same time,wish that the movie doesn't suck XD I wish the same too,guys,lol XD

Put animes to the side for a bit,I heard that there will be a lot of dope marvel movies coming out next week! If you guys wanna know more about that,check out my buddy James's blog:James's Blog .So,what do you guys think of Marvel  making a crossover with Attack On Titan? Is it gonna be good,bad or I just don't care? That kinda rhymed and I like that.I basically don't mind and interested to see how it goes because Spider-man has an advantage in Attack On Titan world because he can shoot webs,strong and he has his spider sense.But one thing I want to see in this crossover,Spider-man and Eren working together,that's all.Don't know why just thought it would be cool XD.

Overall,I'm looking forward to all anime that is coming out next year,the movies,games and more! Next year is gonna be awesome and epic!! And if Naruto is gonna end,then I'm gonna miss that anime and probably watch it when I have time^^" And so,I have to close the curtains of this post and end it here.I'll see you guys in the next review so,take care and have a great day!!^^/