Friday, November 21, 2014

Comic/Manga Review : The Avengers and Attack On Titan Crossover

Hey,guys and good morning! How are you guys doing today? I'm still sick and I'm having a headache right now but aside of all that,I'm fine.I finally finished with my exams and today is the last day for everyone in Malaysia (I don't know if other countries do the same thing^^") especially students,it's the last day of school! We will have a long holiday starting tomorrow (Saturday) till next year on January! I think I will get my licence sooner or later and I can't wait! And I think I will find a part time job and get some dough,you know? XD

Anyway,I'm sure you guys have heard about this crossover maybe last week or two weeks ago.I like the crossover and I see that some people hate it,think that America's comics shouldn't make a crossover with Japan's manga and vice versa. To me,I think it's a good thing to do this just because to show and spread anime and manga and it is also fun to see your favorite superheroes in your favorite anime.

I already red the comic and I don't know if it was a teaser or something because it only have 8 pages like the Slenderman game,lol XD I also see that not a lot of fans like it.They said it's not good and all but I think it's good.Even if it's just 8 pages at first because that is maybe an intro for the comic or something.I'm looking forward on reading it again but I don't know when is the next chapter is going to be out.Let me know if you guys know when the next chapter comes out. Here's the link to the comic to those who haven't read it yet: Marvel and AoT Crossover .

The Colossal,Armored and the Female titans looked awesome.The artwork is very smooth and amazing.I guess that is what you expect from Marvel or any American comic book.I haven't read an American comic book before but I would love to read one one day.Anyway,I can't wait for the next chapter to come out and what do you guys think of the crossover? That is it for this review and I'll see you guys next time! Take care and have a good day!^^/

Also,I think the Hulk and Ironman would be the perfect match against the Armored Titan.I hope they will let them fight against each other!^^