Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Akame Ga Kill! (Episode 19) Justice Is Served!

Hello again,everyone! How are you guys doing? Good morning by the way! I'm fine as usual,I just finished watching the new episode and it was great.I loved it. I already had my breakfast,it was unhealthy and I hope I get to pay for it by jogging today.Don't know when but hopefully get to do it today.And it case you guys are wondering,I ate pizza...If you're reading this,sweetie, I'm very sorry! >.< Let's get on with the review guys!

So,they continue their mission to assassinate the bearded man known as Santa's evil twin brother from another mother. Borick is his nickname,his real name is Atnas. I'm just joking you guys! I can't believe you believed me- Oh,you didn't? It wasn't funny? Okay... T-tough crowd today in this morning...Well,on the bright side, at least there were a lot of action and progression in that episode.I love the fight scenes and Tatsumi's plan was awesome.He looked so epic when he try to take the ruins down with that spark in his eyes. I love little touches like that.

And a battle that we all waiting for, Seryu Vs. Mine! I'm actually proud of Mine for dealing with Seryu very calmly.And the fight was awesome,I didn't expect her to have so many weapons in Coro.And Coro looked like an evil villain before the fight starts,his evil grin and his eyes... He's like a mini super villain or something. I'm really glad that Seryu is out of the picture but despite of me saying that,she was a great villain and at the end,I felt bad for her and Coro because of the state they're in.

She was on a wrong path till the end.Some people like me hate her but if you look at a different angle,you can't help feel sorry for her and the mistake that she made. Also,I think they keep making Wave and Tatsumi missing each other because there will be an intense battle between them.I think Wave will fight Tatsumi with all he got when someone told him that Tatsumi is a Night Raid member. Well,I can't wait for that to happen and I'm sure you guys feel the same as well! Overall,the episode was great.Love the fight scenes,the story progression and the ending. Tatsumi x Mine? I don't know about that because seriously,the main characters gets all the girls! LOL XD

That is it for this review.I hope you guys liked the episode and this review! I'll see you guys next time so,take care and have a good day!!^^/