Monday, November 24, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 20) Sleeping Knights and Kirito Vs. Peeping Tom Guild!!

Hello again,everyone! How are you guys doing and what are you guys up to? I'm very hype right now after I watched that episode and I think you guys know why! I'm so excited that I just can't hide it! I want to look for that soundtrack so bad~! I'll tell you guys what I mean in the review soon! Now,let's get on with the review n full throttle,people!!

So,in this episode we got introduced to new characters from the Sleeping Knights Guild and it seems Yuuki wasn't an NPC or anything.She was just a normal player and she is also the leader of  that guild. So,these guys want to defeat the current floor boss with only seven members so that their names will appear on that black rock (Sorry that I forgot the name of that rock >.<) I'm guessing that some or a couple of the members of the Sleeping Knights are college students or something and that this is their last chance playing the game.Or maybe not and they are just smart and busy high school students XD Just ignore me guys,I'm too hype at the moment XD

And I think my hype energy is slightly depleted because I can't find the soundtrack that I'm looking for T^T I'm talking about the soundtrack that was played right at the end when Asuna decides to fight the other guild members with Yukki and the others.That soundtrack is so dope and amazing! And the opening was pretty epic! Did it changed? I always skipped the opening ^^" I love the song now.No wonder everyone liked that song!

Also,Kirito's entrance at the end.It was so epic! So epic and badass! Acting all cool in front of Asuna,I see what you're doing, Kirito! My man! I'm sorry if I'm fanboying too much right now but that was so epic and I'm a little sad that I can't find the soundtrack! T^T Mixed emotions galore! T^T And as always and if it wasn't obvious enough,I can't wait for the next episode.And I think there is a big role in Yukki since she was in the opening starting off as twins.Don't tell me she's Asuna's long lost twin sister?! Dun,dun,dun!!!! That would be a major plot twist in SAO ever XD Overall,I love the episode.To me,it was perfect except Asuna's mom who was being a major party pooper! >:(

I think she was just jealous that Asuna gets to play with it and she can't for some reason maybe busy being a douche! Haha,anyway.This is it for this review! I hope I get to see you guys next time so,have a good day and take care!!^^/