Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Fairy Tail (Ep.33/208) Fairies Vs. Spirits!!

Hey,guys and good morning~!! How are you guys doing? I'm fine as usual and I hope you guys are having a great weekend.I'm actually pretty happy because there's only one week before the school holiday starts! I can't wait for it and I will absolutely have a lot of fun! Before I go to college or something that is... And another thing that I can't wait id next year! A lot of animes coming out,new animes and new seasons! But enough of that for now and let's get on with the review!

I really enjoyed myself in this episode because there is a lot of action in this episode and I expect more coming on the next episode as it turns out to be some kind of battle royale between Fairy Tail and the Celestial Spirits. I think I kind of understand more about the freedom that they wanted despite that they will only live for 12 days.Imagine,someone being imprisoned for a long time.I'm sure he will choose to see and go outside even though he knows that he's gonna die. But I'm not sure if Loke and the others will start creating chaos or something.

The only pair that I predict that would fight each other was Elfman and Taurus because they are both strong and all but I was surprised that Elfman defeated Taurus so easily,lol XD It was very funny when Taurus started freaking out just because of Elfman's sweat got on to his suit. And that scene of Elfman's face,grinning at Taurus like that XD

Anyway,so far this filler arc is getting better and better.I know some of those who already red the manga were upset and wanted to watch the in-story arc (If that is what's it called^^"). But I think after they finished this arc,they will put some more filler episodes before they get to the next arc because if they go straight to the next arc,it will look weird and it feels that they are in a hurry.

The story for this filler arc was not bad,I like it and I can't wait to see how the ending of this arc going to be.Also,this Aquarius is so cute~! Too much different that when she was before,lol XD Anyway,I love the episode and I'm also looking forward to the next episode and battles that are waiting for us.Until next time,I'll see you guys in the next post! I hope you guys are having a good day! Take care!!^^/