Monday, August 4, 2014

Anime Episode Review : Sword Art Online II (Episode 5) Unknown SAO Survivor?!

Hello everybody~! How are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing great and having a great holiday.Yesterday was Friendship Day,right? Or was it the day before yesterday? Haha,anyway.I just want to say Happy Friendship Day to my friends,let's hope our friendship stays forever! Maybe later or one day I'll make a blog about some funniest or embarrassing moments when I'm with my friends,that would be awesome! Anyway,let's get to this review and sorry again for the late review!

In this episode Kirito and Sinon entered a tournament called Bullets Of Bullets or for short term BOB. Not your friend bob just BOB... I'll like to say 'Hi' to the Bobs out there just for fun nothing offensive just a friendly with a smiley 'Hi'...Was that awkward...? A-Anyway,they entered that,alright? And we see a lot of noob players with scary faces and showing their main weapons so they can get Sinon-senpai and Kirito-senpai to notice them. They should do that on Vine or YouTube,that probably will get their attention.The atmosphere in the Gun Gale Online is much more different than Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.I literally have to search that on Wikipedia,Alfheim Online...I thought it was Elfen or something for short term of that is ALO.

It's cool that the author could change the atmosphere like that from a cheery and happy atmosphere to killing,underground and dark kind of place.The fight scene during the tournament between Kirito and the gunman was pretty cool.It's different but he's getting use to it and it looks bad habits do die hard because he keeps sheathing his sword at his back.He does that a lot when he was playing in SAO and ALO,maybe? For some reason,I don't remember much about SAO And ALO. Maybe I should re-watch the anime again... Before the episode ended,Kirito finally meet Death Gun! He looks kinda scary,can they make a costume of him? That would be awesome!

What I like in this episode,the tournament looks awesome and the animations are awesome too.This episode is a little bit slow paced but I like it.And that funny moment when a girl is just in her underwear and got a hard slap on the face. Haha,that was funny.That always happens in some anime and what you get,a slap. It's kind of an old joke but at the same time it never gets old?Maybe? I don't know what I'm saying anymore! I'm looking forward for the next episode.What will Death Gun do if he knows that the girl avatar in front of him really is Kirito.And I think he is one of those guys that attacked Kirito and his friends in SAO but I forgot the name of their group.

Anyway,I think that is it for today.Thanks for reading this episode review.I hope to see you guys again.Have a good day and take care!^^/ I hope I didn't misspelled anything...